Belle ‘Love Hunni’ Sonsie (bbwbabe) and Her SL Comeback!

Belle enjoys the SL scenery in a gorgeously colored bikini that accentuates her figure and hair color….

Six months ago, I needed to take a break from SL due to a real life cross-country move, which as you all know takes some time to pack up a whole three-bedroom house, move and then unpack all those darn boxes, and then settle into a new home, area, job and generally get familiar with new surroundings.

Before I took my sabbatical from SL, my avatar had most of the latest add-ons and she looked every part of the modern SL scene. Slink hands and feet, the latest mesh hair, great skin with all the right appliers for the add-ons, HUGE wardrobe full of Slink apparel, the newest mesh clothing and a sharp look. I was very happy leaving her locked away while I embarked on my journey across England to my new life.

I kept in touch with my SL bestie and some close friends through skype, and would sporadically pop onto SL using my tablet for a quick five minutes, just to let folks know I was still alive and would be returning soon. I never stayed for more than 10 minutes and just rezzed up in my house and chatted through IM…no venturing out into the virtual world, as my tablet doesn’t like the viewer too much and normally freezes up every minute.Back from a brief respite, Belle is looking lovely!

After six months of grueling unpacking and moving furniture from room to room (which, by the way, is so much simpler in SL!  Oh, the wish for an edit tab and a mouse to move that sofa upstairs!), I was finally all set up with a new, super fast broadband and PC to hit SL. Excited, I logged on, only to find that I needed to update my viewer. Ok, this was not so bad…just annoying because I wanted to get inworld and see my friends. So, 10 minutes later…after my clean install…I am logging in.

My avatar looks fab. Yes, just as I left her. Still in the same outfit (Oh the shame of being in 1 outfit for 6 months!!). Before I started to reply to the IM’s that have not been “capped,” I decided to first change my outfit. Jeans, sexy top, some ultra high heels, and a change of hairstyle…and, hey, I am ready to go exploring, not to mention go out shopping to grab a few inworld bargains.

Okay, so I open up Market place while I am inworld then, as I always do, I clicked on the apparel tab.  After doing that, I then clicked onto the women’s tab, starting with viewing the newest fashions first….and 1200000 approx items are all there for me to browse!

I love to shop and I’m feeling a little excited at the thought of spending a few hours getting some new threads and making sure I look as sharp as ever. I know, I lead a sheltered life and don’t get out much lol!

Two scrolls of my mouse down, and I spot an outfit I immediately love. Opening the item on market place, I quickly noticed the “for mesh body only” in the title. Oh…..! So I leave the page open, but go back to the main Market Place tab.

As I scroll down again, I see more and more items which are TMP (the mesh project) or Maitreya only items. Where are all the slink shoes and hand products? The outfits with Tango appliers that seem to fill market place’s newest outfits? The Brazillia appliers for those with butts that always make me question if I should take the plunge and dive into the world of add-ons that feature round, pert and full bottoms.

All pondering aside, I at last, found a pair of new slink shoes…and on Page two at that? Wow….Seems I need to look at the mesh bodies and see what everyone is making all this clothing for.

I hit up my bestie as soon as I see her log in and we pick up from our last conversation. 20 minutes in to the chat, my link to all that is the latest in SL (my bestie) tells me I need to try the Maitreya mesh body. “It’s so you bestie” she tells me excitedly. “I’m going to try the Brazilla one because I want a bigger butt with mine”, she laughs at me. WAIT WHAT!! So it’s all about mesh bodies now? I head over to Maitreya and find the shop crammed with eager women, and a couple of men ( buying for the girlfriends/wives I assume). WOW. I hadn’t expected it to be this busy. I wait for the place to finally rezz up, and all I can see for the most part is heads, no bodies on anyone, just heads (I think they are all trying out the bodies just there in the middle of the store, I’m not that brave and prefer some privacy in case I end up looking like a noob). I find the demo for the body as soon as I enter the store. You can’t miss it as it’s on a huge pillar right in front of the doors. I grab the demo and tp straight home to see what all the fuss is about.

I unpack the box and remove my current outfit and pop the body and alpha on. Ok, so I have to admit it looks great! You can do so much with it. Who knew? Seems most women in SL know how good this is and I am on catch up here. A quick play with the shape edit and I am totally sold. So, yep I bought one.

I did have to buy new appliers for the skin as they had not been included in my old skins pack. I even treated myself to a new skin while at Hush as Hush Darkrose had just released a new one. So my first few hours in SL and I am already 5000L down after buying some clothing as well for my new mesh body. This, I thought to myself, might get costly.

After seeing my new body, my bestie also took the plunge and got herself the Brazilla mesh body, which does suit her more than the Maitreya Lara body. Again, new appliers needed to be bought for her skin as well. It’s a shame the skin makers don’t supply appliers for free or do free updates if you already have newish skins. That said, my bestie looks fabulous as ever, and you can see a difference in the mesh bodies. They move better, some clothing that is specifically made for the mesh bodies fits amazingly. Other outfits still need the alpha to block out the skin as my ass is a little bigger than normal and does tend to poke through! But thats a whole other blog/debate!

My best experience though was laughing for a good 10 minutes during my first venture back to the club scene in my new mesh body the following day. I arrived at the relaunch of Irie Vibes Reggae club, courtesy of an invite from my bestie (she is always on the pulse of whats hot in SL). Great music filled my headphones as soon as I landed, and then I saw it. A sea of bobbing heads. No bodies, feet or hands. Just heads. There were the odd fully dressed and fully rezzed avatars dancing around with system layer clothing, but not many. Then I noticed some half bodies, where the ladies had bought the mesh bottoms and legs. Oh I could not stop laughing. I looked fully rezzed on my screen but nearly everyone else was missing body parts. Gradually, piece by piece, bodies emerged from the air. Dresses and outfits that were previously floating under a head were now attaching to the club goers. I wish I had grabbed a screen shot but I was giggling too much. Once everyone had rezzed they all looked great!

Back from a brief respite, Belle is looking lovely!

Snapshot_009 So after my first few days back in SL I have seen just how fast “being up-to-date” can whoosh by and you are suddenly out dated! But I am glad to be back in SL and hoping that I can find cheaper outfits!!

Before I Go, Here Are Some Pointers!!!

For those that already have mesh bodies, I offer the following tips for those that have mesh bodies:

  • Join the groups for your body. You will see lots of links to gifts and offers in the group chat. There are many groups for the mesh bodies, not just your brand.
  • Try the demos. They might say for your mesh body but they still depend on your shape, and some just don’t look right on your specific shape.
  • Applier kits are available, especially for those who have worn a lot of appliers before, and now want to make them work with their newly purchased mesh body. Be sure to ask about this in the mesh body groups you are enrolled in.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The people in these groups are great and will try and answer any questions you have…especially if it is mesh body related.


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