Daphne Wallace: Poet, Host, and SL Veteren

Daphne is poised and ready to share her writing with others...
Daphne is poised and ready to share her writing with others..

Daphne Wallace can be seen around the Grid hosting for various venues.  However, there are layers to this woman…she is a poet that prides herself in creating works that reflect passion and reflection, and also enjoys everything SL has to offer.  She is also one of many writers on The SL Parade Staff, acting as a Contributing Writer in our Poetry Department. If you are interested in submitting any creative works…rather it is poetry, short story fiction, or even a diary-based entry, please feel free to contact The SL Parade!

Taken from Goodpixgallery.com

...from Black Love at Pininterest...
…from Black Love at Pinterest…

Mine ~ For Kyle

His arms so strong and dark
hold me and i feel the strength

His face so kind and welcoming
shines on me and I feel the warmth of the  sun

His eyes so deep and mysterious
look at me and I know love.

aloneAlone on my beach

When my heart is heavy
When I need to rest
Alone on my beach
Is where its best

Best to think and cry
Best to wonder why
Best to say goodbye
Alone on my beach

No more worries in my mind
I am strong I will not cry
One day I will find the man
One day he will take my hand

He will smile and say come my love
You were waiting for me all along

Until then…
Im alone on my beach.


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