Let’s See How Arreba Really Feels…A Comic Strip

ReRe Sandalwood was created to pay homage to Arreba’s RL family. Pictured here is a photo of Arreba’s grandmother with Arreba’s Aunt Lois as a baby…



Arreba, the creator behind ReRe Sandalwood and The SL Parade, had a loyal Bitstrip following on Facebook…and would like to share what she really thinks by reposting her previously written Bitstrips in The SL Parade.  If you would like to share your Bitstrips, or any other kinds of humorous content, please send it to ReRe Sandalwood at either reresandalwood@theslparade.org, or via Facebook at The SL Parade’s “Like” page, or directly to ReRe Sandalwood’s Facebook page…ReRe will pay 500L per content submitted and published….remember, it has to be published in order for you to get paid (smiles)!


Some time later, Arreba decides its time to issue some pay back…


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