Kamille Kamala Writes “Another Hope”….

10704229_575252045920085_8969539950517039218_oKamille Kamala is a spiritually centered, politically conscious person.  Because these two traits act as a humble anchor to the fantastic person she is, Kamille is able to successfully run the Lyrical Lounge, a lounge that specializes in providing a voice for all kinds of writers, specifically poets.  Be mindful that she has successfully ran this lounge since 2009…a huge feat in the SL community.  Kamille has also hosted an array of symposiums, including the Women 2 Women Symposium, a symposium that stimulates discussion on women’s rights and health-related issues.  A valuable member of the SL and RL Community, Kamille works effortlessly to insure that the arts are not ignored by members of the SL Community…

(Another Hope)police_brutality_rally

Another day, another dollar

Another cop murdering innocent blacks

And it makes me want to holler

Another bound, another loose

Another Found hanging ON another Noose

Just another Negro kid’s face ONpolice-brutality-pic2

Another evening news

Another shot in his back

As he lay for hours on another street

Another psychological attack


Another defeat

Another fatally shot 14 times by police for disturbing the peace

Another elderly woman punched in the faceasap-asia.org women-oppressed

By MI-LI-TA-RIZED police


Another I CANT BREATHEfrom the atlantic.com website

And from this earth, another leaves


Another choke-hold illegally

Another leniency needlessly

Another NOT charged

Calls for Another nationwide march

And another plea for justice yet we witness

Another take part

In its misuse

And collectively we are tired and disgusted

Because we been oppressed since RootsIndianBlackSaturday4

Instead it’s another confrontation

With another BB gun in Walmart

Just construct -ing more and more black frustration in our spirits and in our hearts

Black men faces used as targets in another shooting range

Yet we still asking for change

On another day and in another year

And yet all we getting are tone deaf ears

Another unarmed soul

Another case put on investigative hold

From writing.wikinut.com

Another black truth UN-told

And there we go with another one tased

Another black red and green flag raised

Another head slammed on pavement

And they keeping us in mental enslavement

bad_news_by medi belortaja
Drawn by Medi Belortaja, as seen in http://www.toonpool.com

With these false police reports

And these fork tongued news anchors

Telling their mass media lies

Covering up the blood stained concrete images

Created with another black body as it lies

Staring into space are another set of lifeless black eyes

In another dimly lit stairwell

By another accidental gun discharge

On JUST another day

We are screaming Black Lives Matter

But to them we are screaming Black Lives Chatterdvwhenlovehurtspix131122

And this we don’t need

We don’t need to bleed no more

Not another drip

We don’t need

Another Dontre Hamilton

Another Eric Garner

Another John Crawford III

Another Michael Brown Jr

Another Ezell Ford

Another Dante Parkerhope

Another Tanisha Anderson

Another Tamir Rice

Another Jerame Reid

And NOT another Sandra Bland

And this aint our promised land

And I say fuck the Klan and their confederate flag front man

A confrontation immediately following a rally hosted by The Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at the Lee county courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi on Saturday, October 20th, 2007. The protest was against illegal immigration and local sex offenders, and supported putting prayers back in school. The rally included several Klan groups, including the Brotherhood of the Klans, Georgia Knightriders, Bayou Knights, MKA and the International Knights. The last time the Klan made any major appearance in Tupelo was in the 1970's. The Klan marched down Main Street with the United States National Guard protecting citizens on either side.
A confrontation immediately following a rally hosted by The Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at the Lee county courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi on Saturday, October 20th, 2007. (Taken from http://flashbak.com/the-klu-klux-klan-in-the-21st-century-uncensored-photos-of-an-american-secret-38169/e.)

But what we need is another hope

Because the one we been carrying, well its broke

And to be loosed from the rope of racism around our necks

And get them DAMN police in check

We need not to be plagued by brutality

Because of our racial sect

Dare we ask for equality from our inequitable country?

And yes we belong here

We are the only involuntary immigrant nationalityIndianBlackSaturday4

And we aint going nowhere!

In another one of your dreams and on another night

See we need a strong team, to BRING a fierce fight

To stand for justice

And to stand up for

ALL our




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