SL People’s Court Happens Every Thursday….

Yesterday, SL had their first SL People’s Court hearing, and it was a trip! This will be happening every Thursday, so if you have any kind of dispute that you want to bring to the judge, come down to the SL People’s Court!

Are you and your partner in a fight over who will get the prim baby and the virtual house once the divorce is settled?  Did somebody steal your Zooby pet, and won’t give it back?  If you or someone you know is experiencing any kind of legal dispute, tp down to the SL People’s Court!  This court will not only listen to you, they will resolve your complaint in a fun-filled and egregious fashion!  Come see the judge, and talk to the SL People’s Court’s Legal Team TODAY!!!


Author: ReRe Sandalwood

Single mom of one child in Real Life. In Second Life, I function as the Editor-In-Chief of The SL Parade, where I regularly write about all things RL and SL. I also own land inworld, and have created a space designed to encourage comfort and relaxation.

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