Breana Steveans Let’s Her Little Light Shine…

Breana Steveans is determined to let her little light shine by giving it over to God…

Before there was Breana Steveans, there was CoffeeBrown–with a long and somewhat extensive four and a half year history behind her. In the end though, Coffee and her Coffeehouse–a Coffeehouse that previously showcased, as well as re-enacted performances from some of the most popular blues singers, AND that housed an array of Jazz sets–has now closed its doors, leaving way for CoffeeBrown to simply walk away. 

After a few weeks of separation from Second Life, and what seemed like a lifetime of revisiting what went right and what went wrong for CoffeeBrown, it finally clicked…the light finally penetrated my mind. Yet, it had always been in my heart and my soul; the life I was portraying on Second Life was not allowing true light to fully illuminate…a light that could truly display the true woman behind CoffeeBrown.

first photo new bldg
Like the room featured at my new Grateful Hearts venue , my subconscious lit up…

Suddenly, my spirit had been revived and, although I knew it wouldn’t be very popular or easy, I felt there was something I not only wanted to do, but needed to do for my Second Life.

It was time for me to “LET MY LITTLE LIGHT SHINE” for others to see. I have never been ashamed of the gospel of the Lord, and it was time for me to let that be known, so I reinvented my Second Life, projecting who I really am through the birth of Breana Steveans. In the process, The Coffeehouse was reinvented into a gospel house…GRATEFUL HEARTS.

The front entrance to Grateful Hearts…

Grateful Hearts is not a church, it is a music venue with a main focus on the word of God through music…both lyrically and instrumental. I have a 24/7 gospel stream running for anyone to stop by during those moments that they feel lost, confused, tired, fed up, or just in need to hear a word from God. It’s also for those who just love gospel music as I do.

The venue is now complete and available; but on Thursday, August 27th, there will be an official Grand Opening.  This Grand Opening will start with a gospel concert, and may feature some surprise poetry;  it will then end on a smooth note with a smooth jazz set, because I will never close the door on jazz.  This is because like gospel music, I’m a fan of jazz too.


It is my hope that my new venue will bring forth, Faith, Hope, Joy, Love, and so much more!


trevon pic
Trevon Serenity, aka DJ Smoothe One

My Dj…Trevon Serenity aka Dj Smoothe One…will be doing weekly, smooth jazz sets every Thursday…and yes, dancing is allowed…lol! After all, Christians can have fun too…you just have to know how to carry yourself in an appropriate manner.

I created this venue for myself and others to enjoy, which is why I also included a free workout area, as well as a cuddle/relaxing area and dance balls.  I even have a wedding chapel that is available for a small rental fee.

2Snapshot _ {{GRATEFUL HEARTS}}, Diamond Cove (186, 255, 21) - M
One of many heartfelt options offered at Grateful Hearts…

I invite all to drop by for a Second Life changing experience, because we all need it from time to time.

If you are interested experiencing this life changing venue, please click on this link:

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