Truth Is…

look at her

~by Felecia Carver~

The truth is, I’m tired.
Not a day passes that I don’t cry.
I’m at my ropes end with the knot unraveling fast.
One minute I smile, the next I scream.
Forget the American dream, I just want to survive.
I count my blessings, thanking God for them all.
At the same time, I see myself quickly losing them all.
What have I done to deserve this?
We all have sinned and fallen short.
Was my sin deserving of the punishment?
Don’t I deserve happiness and love, stability and health?
Right now, I sincerely doubt any of it even exists.
Here I stand alone in the storm.
There is no shelter for me as I struggle to even breath.
Depression and despair is all I feel.
God, dear God, I beg you to help me through.
You promised to never give me more than I can take.
I’m not about to break, I’m broken.
Please save me before I drown.
We all must live in our truths.
The truth is, I’m tired.


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