Felecia Carver Covers The Black Girls Rocking The Grid! Awards….

11227652_835876863148769_260759590022317040_oIt was a full house inside of the elegant venue for the Black Girls Rock Awards ceremony celebrating SL’s finest and most accomplished Black women. Sponsored by WBVD 104.3, the celebration began with entertainment from 2015’s recipient of the Soul Man award, Chase Navaree as well as Parker Static, recipient of the Who Got Next award.

11960252_835878143148641_8202167261372114309_nThe creator of Black Girls Rock and mistress of ceremony, Deeladee Serrari-Monday, was sure to speak of the awards process by saying, “We send out calls for nomination. If someone you think deserving wasn’t nominated, its because you didn’t nominate them. Our committee goes through all of the nominations and the 250 word essays that are written to describe why that person is nominating that individual. Next year, be sure to nominate your friends and colleagues so that anyone who may have been missed can be recognized.”

Excitement continued to fill the air as the nominees anxiously awaited their categories.  Deeladee Serrari-Monday, also spoke about her reason for creating such an event by saying, “It inspires me to know I can make a difference and make someone smile.” The positive affirmations and respect shared by all of the nominees was truly admirable; there was a spirit of love as recipients thanked God for allowing them the opportunity.

Acuminous Wantanabee, Winner of the Icon Award


The first award was given to Acuminous Wantanabee, who received the Icon award in honor of her spreading positive energy across the grid.

The Young Gifted and Black award went to poetess, Babygirl Sєяєηιту PAIℕ乇 (mookie.lazarno) who gave special thanks to her family for always supporting her.

Fashionista Ebony Scorpio Flawless won her category for the second time.

Jana Fleming Sinclair, Winner of the Living Legend Award

2015’s Living Legend was awarded to Jana Fleming Sinclair. She stated “We as women need to build each other up. There is too much division. We need to stay positive.”

Pastor Kelly MD shouted Hallelujah as she accepted the Community Service Award for her philanthropic ministry.

The Humanitarian award went to Cleopatra Kellman in reconition of her Lupus fundraising campaign.

This year’s Shot Caller/Big Baller award was presented to Loveslast Always Jarmon who said she is here to make a difference, have fun, and to uplift.

Starlight awards were given in several categories:

Insatia Jharls, won an award for her skin designs…


Insatia Jharls won for skin designs. She thanked those who felt her worthy of the nomination.

Suitelady Tremmon, creator of Eloquent Designs was humbled to receive the Fashion Design award.

The award for cultural design went to Desire Cinquetti Dannunzio, creator of the Phatt Fair. Her special thanks went to her sisters of Alpha Sigma Omega.

The Star Power recipient was Snowangel Wonder which was given simultaneously with the Businesswoman award received by Mz. Zeetra. She said she was honored to be among all of the beautiful, smart Black woman in the venue.bgr invite pic

Nakita Anton Knave thanked he loving husand Geno and congratulated everyone nominated as she accepted the Star award for her work in multiple videos.

11953152_835879259815196_7185726991138290505_nSade Collins received the Photography award for her tireless photography at various events. The Videography award went to Madeline Hilltop for her work on Eye Watch News.

The final award, The DJ Lady Soul award recipient was Jonesy Daxter who challenged everyone to “Each one teach one. We must share our knowledge.”

bgr rock icon 2Here is a complete list of all the winners, as well as the titles they won:

Icon Award ~Acuminous Watanabe~  (honorary lace hansome)

Young, Gifted, and Black Award ~Mookie Lazarno~

Fashionista Award ~ebony scorpio~

Who’s Got Next Award ~parker static~

Living Legend Award ~jana fleming~

Community Service Award ~Pastor kelly~

Humanitarian ~Cleopatra Kellma~

Shot Caller Award ~lovelastalways~

Star Light Award (for Art-Skin Designs) ~Insasia jharls~bgr dee

Fashion Designs ~Suitelady Tremmo~

Culture Designs ~DesireCinquetti Dannunz~

Art ~Jonquel Jiagu~

Star Power Award ~Snowangel Wonder Zeetra~

Star Award ~nakita anton knave~

Stunna Swag Award ~tru charisma~

World Shine Award ~mandalynn hilltop-

Photography ~sade collinsYES~
 DJ Lady Soul Award ~jonezy daxter~

…and, for one of the most gifted men on the grid, The Black Girls Rocks ‘Soul Man’ Award        ~Chase Naverre~

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