ReRe Sandalwood Goes To The Makeahla Jungle!

ReRe Sandalwood gives "The Odd Squad" four out of five stars...
ReRe Sandalwood gives the Makeahla Jungle four out of five stars…

On a scale of 1 to 5, ReRe Sandalwood gives the Makeahla Jungle a 4…read the article to see why! Also, please pay a visit to the Makeahla Jungle SIM! It is a personalized reminder that there can be peace in nature…even with elements of danger present. Here is the link: Take a walk on the wild side, and visit the Makeahla Jungle!  

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_001
A cheetah, poised for the hunt at the Makeahla Jungle…

Whether you are vying to see a pride of lions on the hunt, or witness a cheetah that is ready to pounce on its prey, the Makeahla Jungle allows SL community members to get up close and personal with an assortment of wildlife. Set on an island surrounded by blue, pristine water, the Makeahla Jungle easily reminds patrons that we share the Earth with other creatures, and that we should be mindful of that.

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_008
Crocodiles sunbathing…

One way this is accomplished is by how the animals are positioned. Crocodiles are seen moving to and fro out of the water, while giraffes unknowingly navigate through it. Further inward, patrons can take a look at meerkats lounging around on a rock, complete with nursing baby meerkats in tow. Warthogs are also seen tending to their young, while the neighboring predator looks on, ready to pounce on its tentative prey.

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_014
Meerkats posing for the camera…the SIM has animals that were similarly featured on Disney’s “Lion King” movie…

Because the wildlife present only make minimal movements, a patron can rest easy and know that once they leave a particular area, they don’t necessarily have to worry about being followed around the SIM. A snake can be seen slithering by in one area, while a group of alligators can be seen climbing in and out of the surrounding water. As a witness to all this movement, it is comforting to know that these animals cannot get too far—nor get too close—to visiting patrons.

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_012
In RL, there is no way ReRe Sandalwood could pose with a tiger like this…

While this is the case, it can also be a comforting disadvantage to those vying for a more realistic, animal themed SIM. After all, since avatars cannot necessarily die, getting bit by a snake, or even pulled into the water by a crocodile would be a realistic, yet minor inconvenience (smiles). This, along with a patron’s ability to only go so far into the water due to territory blocks set up at the neighboring SIMS, presents a challenge to a patron that is not only adventurous, but may like to fully explore every aspect of the SIM (including the surrounding areas). However, there is a canoe that features a “dead man in the water” pose; this allows a patron to look as if they are face down in the water, seamlessly floating with their arms positioned in such a way that conveys death.

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_010
Obviously, the parrot is watching you…

Limitations aside, the Makeahla Jungle presents an array of prestigious animals. Chimpanzees, tigers, and even cheetahs can be seen in respective areas, posing in varying positions. As you cross over the bridge to take a look at the Chimpanzees, a parrot peers curiously at you, as if its wondering what you are up to.

Based on how the land is laid out, there is beauty here. Lily pads are a unique feature of this SIM as well, since patrons are allowed to sit on them in a pose of their choice. This, along with being able to see elephants splashing in the water, allows patrons to get an up close and personal look at an animal as it interacts with its virtual environment.

makeahla island snapshot_001
ReRe Sandalwood and Scorch…

The SIM is also constructed in such a way that it conveys romanticism. There are hammocks available for couples, and the animals are positioned in such a way where patrons can pose with them.

This SIM is worth visiting because it is a gentle reminder to care for the Earth we live in. It also reminds us that there can be a unique peace inworld that may not necessarily be found in RL. However, the adventurous spirit in me really wished for a more realistic setting…one where the animals really attempt to attack all kinds of prey—including a wishful human like myself (smiles).

Please pay a visit to the Makeahla Jungle SIM! It is a personalized reminder that there can be peace in nature…even with elements of danger present. Here is the link: Take a walk on the wild side, and visit the Makeahla Jungle!  

More pics to convince you of the Makeahla Jungle’s beauty:

cheetah from makeahla Jungle_011
Chimpanzee, seemingly hanging around…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_005
ReRe Sandalwood takes a look at the Elephants…this was as far as she could go due to SIM Limitations…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_002
A lion and his Pride…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_004
Zebras are also a feature at the Makeahla Jungle…check out the buzzard…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_003
Umm, yeah….this lion was really into posing for the camera…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_006
Giraffes chilling in the water…
cheetah from makeahla Jungle_015
ReRe Sandalwood takes a look at the Warthogs…

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