The SL Parade Plans To Join Forces With Tru’s News

kids partnering
If these kids can partner up, why can’t inworld businesses do the same?

NOTE:  The SL Parade is merely in a business-based partnership to cross advertise with Tru’s News.  TruHeart Sparkle, CEO/Founder/Director will act as a Guest Writer on my publication, and I will act as a Guest Writer on hers. We will feature one another’s logos in our publications as well. Thus, WE ARE NOT MERGING, merely helping one another get exposure, as well as word out about our publications….I apologize for the confusion. Thank you for reading The SL Parade!

Lets be honest:  There are all kinds of publications out there, but there are not many out there willing to work together…

Some have been around since SL’s infancy, others–like The SL Parade–have only recently been introduced to the Grid.  Either way, all these publications work for the SL community we live in; we work for our community by gathering news, and handing it to you on a virtual silver platter.

PartnerMan_XSmallWith this in mind, The SL Parade and Tru’s News have joined forces to not only help each other, but to give the SL community we serve the news coverage that it deserves as well.

TruHeart Sparkle, CEO/Founder/Director of Tru’s News…

When asked what prompted her to start Tru’s News, Tru’s News’ CEO/Founder/Director TrueHeart Sparkle explains, “While sitting around one day bored and talking with my fiance’ Bryson [Capalini], I was trying to think of what I could do that would keep not only me occupied, but also [expand] my mind. After a day or two of thinking, I came up with the idea that I wanted to create a place that had special events, business advertisements and [suggestions of] party places [SL Community members can frequent], [and provide exposure to] people/places that don’t get that much exposure in the SL community. That’s when we came up with the idea of creating Tru’s News.”

Tru’s News’ Logo…

Beginning her online publication on August 18, 2015, Tru’s News is also a relatively new publication.  With this newness in mind, it is even more important that we support her efforts in providing news to the masses.  She continues, “I wanted to bring something positive to SL…[and] there is no one particular thing I wanted to focus on…I just wanted to put a little of everything into it. So here we are!  With the help of my intelligent and patient fiance’–who has helped me with the technical, photograph and video part of [of Tru’s News]–I bring you Tru’s News…”

slp logo color
The SL Parade’s Logo…

Sparkles’ backstory is very similar to that of The SL Parade’s, since the original reason why The SL Parade was established was to present a “hodge podge” of information to the SL Community.  Established on July 4, 2015, The SL Parade deems the term “hodge podge”  to mean anything, from poetry [which has been featured], to short stories, to articles centering around controversial topics like the high tolerance of inworld, game-related cheating in contests, to the numerous SIMs that SL Community members can visit inworld.

ReRe Sandalwood, Editor In Chief and Founder of The SL Parade (Photo taken by Gideaninja Dagger at the SL 9/11 Memorial Site)

Yet what differentiates The SL Parade from other publications is its willingness to also discuss RL issues.  The SL Parade has done stories on the importance of taking life saving classes, as well as how to handle grieving the death of a loved one.  Yet all similarities and differences aside, Tru’s News and The SL Parade both believe in the importance of cross advertising as a means of helping other business to prosper in SL.  Further, while it may appear that both newspapers have virtually no agenda in mind, the underlying idea is to share information, and help others learn just how valuable real life and and second life is in a world that seemingly dismisses one world versus that of another.  Both publications plan to not only share resources, but allow the both publication founders to guest write on one another’s websites.

Tru's News HQ's 2
Tru’s News Headquarters, Located on the Wright’s Island SIM…

Prior to forming Tru’s News, TruHeart Sparkles was an active member of the SL Community.  She explains, “I have been in Second Life for almost 10 years.  I’ve done everything from dancing in clubs, hosting events, having my own club, having my own rental property, textures store, and even tried my hand at building and making clothes. As I’m sure everyone else has tried once or twice, who has been in SL for a long period of time.”  With this inworld experience, it is easy to discern that Sparkle is definitely a great resource to turn to when it comes to all things SL.

11999048_403356399859860_3825413293117993772_nBesides working on her Tru’s News endeavor, TruHeart Sparkles also assists her fiance Bryson Capalini with his business endeavors.  Capalini is not only the CEO and Founder of Ground Level Radio, he also hosts a talk show called The Fresh Air Talk Show.  Like Sparkle, Capalini is also interested in bringing forth positive energy to the SL Community.  On his FB page, Capalini explains, “If you have a business or doing something on sl positive and you want others to know hit me up. I will be doing a talk show on my station and would love to help others by broadcasting it on my stream…”

Tru’s News and The SL Parade:  Always Open for Suggestions

image_comments_suggestionsLik Bryson Capalini, TruHeart Sparkles and The SL Parade would love to hear any suggestions you may have about what to include in their online publication.  As she explains, Sparkle feels that the best way her audience can fully enjoy her publication is by actively participating in it.  “If you have a story or business that you would like to see featured in the next edition, please feel free to contact me…”

help wantedThe SL Parade is always on the look out for writers, as well as advertisers as well, so please be sure to email ReRe Sandalwood if you want to learn more about opportunities at The SL Parade.

Please feel free to come by and visit The Tru’s News headquarters located on Wright’s Island; here is the link to Tru’s News’ office:  Tru’s News.  Tru’s News web page can be found here:  Tru’s News

You are also welcomed to visit The SL Parade’s Headquarters via the following link:  The SL Parade Headquarters




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