Announcement: Upcoming ETA SIGMA DELTA Homecoming Events!

~By KariNoelle Baptiste~

Heyyy!!! Friends & Family, My Sorors & I will be kicking off our Homecoming Events towards the end of this month! Would love to see your lovely faces & partake in the events we have planned. Yes..I’m doing the most…don’t judge me, but below is the list of events and dates. I tried to provide you with as much info, at this time. Please feel free to contact me…Love yall and thank you for always supporting me near and afar…

Drag RaceTheme: The Movie Grease

September 28 (Monday) –
Grease Lightening Drag Race
Bring out the Chevy’s Thunderbirds and Vintage cars and let’s have some fun.
Time: 6pmslt
Dress: Appropriate to the attire worn in the movie ‘Grease’ or Drag Race related.
Location: TBA



September 29 (Tuesday) –
Essence Fall Festival
Performers: Nicki Minaj, Aaliyah & Beyonce
Time: 6pmslt
Dress: Dressy, Casual to Business Casual
Location: TBA
Ticket Info: ON SALE NOW!!!

Be sure to purchase your tickets by clicking this link here: Essence Fall Festival




October 1 (Thursday) –
Pink Ladies Take Over
Time: 6pmslt
Dress: Grease Theme 1950 attire (Poodle Skirts, Leather jackets, high-waist jeans etc.)
Location: TBA









October 2 (Friday) – BRING THE KIDS!!!
Homecoming Carnival
Time: 6pm
Dress: Fun (Bring the kids!)
Location: TBA


Sock HopOctober 3 (Saturday) – Final ESD Homecoming Event
Sockhop – Homecoming Dance
Time: 6pmslt
Dress: 1950’s Attire – Poodle Dresses, Appropriate wear for men (Leather jackets…penny loafers..chucks…etc.)
Location: TBA


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