The SL Parade Throws An Intimate, Round Robin Party…

ReRe was at home, so she wore this sheer dress so her body could breathe :)!
ReRe was at home, so she wore this sheer dress so her body could breathe :)!

In an SL life that seems to offer one too many parties for us to choose from, The SL Parade decided to add one more party to the Grid.  On Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 5 pm, ReRe Sandalwood threw a Writing Round Robin House Party for all staff, as well as for anyone that wanted to come by and take a look at her home.

my party_001
Belle drops it like its hot, while America takes a look at some of the products featured at ReRe’s house….

This party was specifically designed to encourage all facets of writing…rather you wanted to write about the party itself, or about the products ReRe Sandalwood relies on to decorate her home, this party was for all those interested in learning more about what SL has to offer.

Among the products to potentially write about:  the <Heart Homes> “Lakeside” Family Barbeque Set created by the Aphrodite Shop, ~Bazar~ Retro Fridge (Exclusive), Hot ♥ Poolside Lovescene ♥ pool towel that works with any swimming pool, beach, tub or SPA ReACT, and the Sangria Dispenser Set…just to name a few.

The Sangria Dispenser Set was just one of many products available to those that came to The SL Parade Writing Round Robin House Party! Picture taken from SL Market Place Ad…

In terms of the party itself, The SL Parade’s own Cosmo Kawabata provided the venue with smooth Neo Soul and Old School hip hop; he, along with ReRe Sandalwood teamed up to host the Writing Round Robin Party right by ReRe’s cobblestone pool. Breana Steveans, as well as Galaxi Bomazi, were in attendance, and looked rather radiant!  Also, Belle “Love Hunni” Sonsie, along with America2000 stopped by to not only dance, but try out the products.  America2000 was even nice enough to share a bit of her barbeque with ReRe’s chihuahua Scorch…

Speaking of Scorch, ReRe’s pet was extra excited!  Visitors don’t come often to Egret Key, so Scorch was extra friendly to all those that stopped by.

Overall, it was a great party, and The SL Parade thanks everyone who stopped by!  There will be other parties, so please stay tuned…and thank you again for reading The SL Parade!

my party_003
Cosmo acted as the SL Parade’s Writing Round Robin House Party DJ!

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