Eta Sigma Delta’s Essence Fall Festival: Incredible!

essence~by The SL Parade’s Own Lixena Lamourfou~

Tuesday night, I attended the Essence Fall Festival that was presented brilliantly by Eta Sigma Delta, Inc. and hosted by SnowAngel Frenzy.  It was an incredible performance, a once in a second lifetime experience.  There is much to say about the time, effort, and preparation that went into this show.  It was a definite high quality production. There has not been many times for me where an experience in Second Life supersedes what is possible in First Life. This event though, accomplished that deed.  No one will ever be able to attend a concert with Nicky Minaj and Aaliyah performing together with Beyoncѐ headlining. However, I am privileged to be one of the few who have.

aaliyah sl_002
Left: Finesse Goodman (my brother), Center: Lixena Lamourfou (me), and ReRe Sandalwood (my sister)…sitting in the concert’s VIP section…

aaliyah sl_001Aaliyah opened the show and I was blown away by the costuming and dance moves that took me back to 1996. As she performed “Four Page Letter” my head bobbed in reminiscence of her talent and the loss.  It was fitting that all the dance moves where exactly what you remembered about Aaliyah, the synchronistic choregraphy was highlighted in “If Your Girl Only Knew”. The nostalgia for me was just as heavy in the air as the smoke and lights that dazzled the audience who were transfixed by what was the R&B Princess.aaliyah close upaaliyah and backup dancers

aaliyah sl_006Nicki Minaj then commanded the stage with ease as she came out to a “Hello, Good Morning” freestyle.  The acoustics in this songNikki Minaj 4 fit the theatre perfectly and from way up in my comfy VIP seat I could her Nicki so clearly, it was like she was sitting right next to me chilling spitting in my ear. Her presence onstage was electric and empowering as her message of she-power,  got real with “Beez In Da Trap”. Energy surged through the crowd as the sisters of Eta Sigma Delta jammed together with Nicki. The girl did not disappoint in bringing her street bravado and venomous
rapping to her hard hitting verses.

aaliyah sl_005

Beyonce 3Beyoncѐ graced the stage with her regal demeanor as she showed out and Mrs. Knowles-Carter, came through.  I was so busy singing to the songs and enjoying the show that I forgot which song came first and how many she did.  What stood out to me though were “Bonnie and Clyde”and of course “Halo”. Halo is definitely her power ballad that is accented with her emotional vocals and tonight Beyoncѐ took it to church. I really loved the costuming selected for her as well…it was right on point, and I was transfixed in thinking, “…should I head out after the show to grab similar boots and hair?”

beyonce 2

                                               aaliyah sl_008{

In all, this show can stand as proof of why I love my Second Life; It had all the elements of sisterhood, celebration, empowerment and joy. It was a high profile event where everyone shared in the goal to work together to make the event enjoyable for all.  In the future, if I spot any events promoted by the Eta Sigma Delta, Inc. sorority…more so if these events are open to the public, I will make note of it and try my best to attend yet another on of their incredible productions. In the words of Nicki Minaj. “One, two buckle my shoe.  No one on the corner has swagger like I do.” Peace, love, SWAG to SnowAngel Frenzy and the ladies of Eta Sigma Delta!

aaliyah sl_020
Reececupz Marquis acted as the Eta Sigma Delta’s Security Guard….

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