Felecia Carver Wants Everyone to Know About the PHAT Fashion Fair!

phatt fair_001
Front entrance of the PHAT Fashion Fair…photo taken by Felecia Carver…

The Phat Fashion Fair is a weekly event showcasing some of SL’s best designers of sexy female clothing. At first glance, one may think of scarcely there wear barely covering naughty bits. Yes, there is plenty of that available. There are also outfits for those preferring a slightly more understated look. There are even casual wear outfits available. No matter your personal style, you will more likely find something you like there. The price points are modest with shoes at 99L and everything else set at 75L. There are even free monthly gifts provided by most vendors for members of the Phat Fashion Fair group. The event runs from 10 AM SLT Tuesday until Sunday night, at which point the designers set up for the next event.

Felecia Carver models a Clarity's Revenge Dress...Taken from Felecia Carver's Facebook page...
Felecia Carver models a Clarity’s Revenge Dress…Taken from Felecia Carver’s Facebook page…
phat store_003 - Copy
One of many items featured at the PHAT Fashion Fair…

One may ask with prices so low, why would a designer participate? CathyJo Clarity of Clarity’s Revenge stated ” Since I have started designing for the Phat Fashion Fair, I have gotten more self-esteem when it comes to my designs. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my joining the Fair. I love seeing people from the Phat Fair in my store.”  There is also the advantage of having designs featured in the Phat Fashion blog.


The Phat Fashion Fair is a great event for the budget fashionistas out there as well as designers looking to boost sales.

phat store_004 - Copy
…another example of merchandise offered at the PHAT Fashion Fair….

Designers interested in booth rentals may contact Desirecinquetti Dannunzio.  Also, if you would like to pay a visit to the Phat Fashion Fair, please click this link:  Phat Fashion Fair


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