Rico Suave: A Writer of Many Talents

Like the avatars pictured in this photo, there is an array of talented individuals within the SL Community….

Disclaimer:  Some of the imagery featured in this article may be unsettling to some readers.  Please proceed with caution, and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact ReRe Sandalwood at reresandalwood@theslparade.org (smiles)!

The SL Community is filled with talented people. One of many talents often showcased in the SL Community is that of writing. In fact, writing can be seen, heard and even visualized virtually everywhere on the Grid; thus, it is no surprise that there are an array of published writers who continuously flourish in SL.

rico suave
Rico Suave, also known as wutmusteyedo, is a man of many talents…

One of those writers is Rico Suave; also known as wutmusteyedo, Suave has recently published two works. One work, entitled “Injustice! Injustice! Let It End In Poetry” is currently available for purchase at the SL Marketplace, and centers around the construct of personal freedom, particularly on the importance of appreciating it. Suave explains, “Our ancestors fought for us to be free, yet people still become political puppets. We have rights and education to achieve great things for our family and future, yet we let criminals, crooked cops, and miseducation destroy us. When will we say enough is enough? How do we create a solid plan to get back what was taken from us and build together a community for unity? This book has the answers and directly addresses the problems that affect us…”

Rico Suave's "Taste and See" book cover...
Rico Suave’s “Taste and See” book cover…

Suave’s other work entitled “Taste and See,” focuses on eroticism and sexuality. Though a totally different foray than “Injustice! Injustice! Let It End In Poetry,” the work’s premise is a familiar topic to Suave. This is because Suave is an acting host, male stripper and manager at Indecent Behaviours, one of SL’s premiere venues that focuses on sexual-based role play like BDSM, as well as sub/master based relationships. “’Taste and See…’” explains Suave, “…will help you explore your wild side and take you to the dark side to see how REALLY naughty you are. If you are into role play, kinky fetishes, using devices in the bedroom, and being pushed beyond your limits, then this is the book for you. Once you get a taste, you’ll always want more.”

“Taste and See” is also available at the SL Marketplace; if you are interested in this work, please click on the following link: Taste and See.

Sex, Reparations and Freedom: How Rico Suave Is A Man of Many Talents

woman and struggle
Those who are blessed with an array of talents often have to push, pull and juxtapose their talent in a variety of ways…

While the average person may have a hard time understanding how someone can jump from the topic of civil rights and justice to kinky fetishes and bondage, be mindful that a true writer is capable of functioning within an array of genres. Suave elaborates by saying, “I love that I can become whatever I desire through writing. It’s like I am in SL…I can create my own world and enjoy it to the limits.”

With 24 years writing experience, as well as a slew of awards to boot, Suave routinely proves just how versatile of a writer he is. In fact, when he is not working at Indecent Behaviours, he can be routinely found at the Lyrical Lounge sharing his talents with an entranced audience. In addition to sharing his work at the Lyrical Lounge, Suave relies on various venues to network with other writers and likeminded individuals. He explains that networking has been a huge help to him as a writer. Suave continues, “[Networking with other writers] helps me enlighten others through my works…”

“Injustice! Injustice!” book cover, as seen in the Second Life Marketplace…

When asked to provide some samples of his writings, Suave was very obliging. In fact, he was so obliging that he agreed to let The SL Parade publish two excerpts. The first excerpt is from “Injustice! Injustice!” while the second one is from “Taste and See”:

“Momma, Why Can’t I Be Loved?”

(From “Injustice! injustice!)

It’s said in order to be treated like a woman in America

You must shake it fast and please each man

Not have self respect and cover yourself

From disrespectful hands


The ones that teach youwomen_in_struggle_r

In order to receive awards

You must be the slave master whores


The one that teaches you

In order to make it in society

You must manipulate anyone you come across

To make it to the top


What happen to honor, love, and dignity?

You’re too stuck up if you get an education,

Obtain a career, and can stand on your own two feet


No, a woman is supposed to chase after a man,menandwomen

Doesn’t mind how he uses his hands on her,

And give up her livelihood to make him feel better

About himself






fear-of-domination-call-of-schizophrenia-cover-art-30850       (From “Taste and See”)

Born in gladness, torn by sadness,

Wanting to release,

But the pain would never cease,

I rise in the night, in fear of the light,

I want to be free, though I am in happy misery.


Never will I release my happiness

For when I smile it feels like stress,

All I want is redemption for this sin,

Who can free me from this



I want to chain thy heart,

Turn my betrayal to another’s part,

Make them know how I feel,

Make my disdain so unreal.

Prepare for domination, Alexander Butler
Prepare for domination, Alexander Butler

I will tame you

Make you my game

Regain my power

Lead my pet to shame

I will have total control over you,

The destruction that I once knew,

Shall now come down on you.

from www.filmvz.com
from http://www.filmvz.com

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