Take the Road Less Traveled, and Support Black Soul Rhythms Radio!

Robert Frost, a popular American poet said the following (as featured in his “The Road Not Taken” poem):

robert frost excerptLike Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” Marjorie Dibou has dedicated her radio station to taking the road less traveled by. Specifically, Dibou is the creator and founder of Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio, a station that is dedicated to STREAMING THE RHYTHMS OF BLACK MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD ♫

black soul radio logoWith a focus on NeoSoul / R&B / Jazz/ Gospel / FUNK/ HipHop / Soulful House , Dibou wants everyone to know that BSR is interested in not only traveling the road less traveled, but in promoting artist who are often not promoted via mainstream media. She explains, “…we try very hard to showcase artists that are on independent labels and do not get much airplay on regular traditional radio. There is a lot of great music out there and very talented musicians that are not heard…We want to give them a platform to showcase their talent.”

Dibou adds, “BSR Radio is a huge supporter of independent artists and solicits musicians worldwide to showcase their music on our stream. We are careful to select true musicians, lyricists and storytellers that are thoughtful in their message. We are a licensed internet radio station and follow RL broadcasting rules. We limit our use of explicit language to a minimum.”

Lisa Banton promo_small_2015
According to the Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio website, “Lisa Banton is the new featured artist on Black Soul Rhythms Radio. R&B Singer-Songwriter Lisa Banton is based in Toronto, and has recently released the single, ‘Let You Go.’ This single was recently released as the lead single from her new EP ‘Lost and Found’. Banton has worked with many producers in the past, most notably with Herb Middleton (SWV, Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, Kelly Price). On her new project, Banton has also worked with a range of up and coming producers like Paul Cabbin, The Cratez, Tone Jonez, Mal T and Scarecrow Beats.

And BSR does a great job of not only providing music with depth and substance, but with also offering a solid platform for independent labels and artists to appropriately showcase their music. This is because Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio webcasts 24 hours per day 7 days per week, and offers its listeners a wide range of music inspired by the beats from the African diaspora; in fact, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio has been in operation since 2007, and this longevity is a testimony to just how valuable the Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio station is to the African Diaspora.

Accoring to Dibou, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio was, in 2007 previously known as “Black Beats Radio.” She continues, “…[we later] changed the radio station name to ‘Black Soul Rhythms Internet Radio’ in 2008, [then decided to change it to] ‘Black Soul Rhythms Digital Radio’ in 2011. [Our] virtual Headquarters was originally at the SugarHill Retreat (2008), then we moved to SugarHill in 2009. However, the SugarHill SIM quietly closed in 2014…”

While the SugarHill SIM was open, Dibou explains that there were many events held there, and for this reason and more, she would like to reopen it again. She states, “We hope to reopen SugarHill one day, but until then you will find us all over the SL grid!”

Will Downing
Will Downing is another independent artist supported by Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio. WILL Downing is not only a recording artist, but according to the BSR website, also hosts his own radio show. “The Wind Down” Radio show webcasts classic soul as well as the best of today’s RnB. Tune in to WBSR-DR every TUESDAY @ 12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PST for The Wind Down Radio Show. (photo and quote taken from the Black Soul Rhythm (BSR) Radio website).

0Yet all SIM related closings aside, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio still continues to target a concentrated RL audience. Dibou explains, “Our listeners are in over 170 countries in every continent of the globe, but we do reach SL also. Our DJs all have avatars in SL, specifically created to represent them inworld when they do their radio shows. Also, Black Soul Rhythms DJs also perform at various venues in the SecondLife metaverse. Locations are as diverse as the music we provide…from a large dance club, to a virtual environment as small as my SL backyard.”

Yet in the course of addressing a target audience, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio also plays music that represents the times we live in. Dibou affirms this by saying, “Different music genres show different aspects of life today and BSR Radio plays many types of music!!”

To reflect this idea, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio offers their listening audience an array of DJ’s who specialize in specific music genres. When asked by The SL Parade to name her favorite Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio DJ, Dibou quickly says, “You can’t make me choose a favorite!!” After gleefully laughing, Dibou continues, “I will say the two who have been with BSR Radio since the beginning are DJ Miles, who specializes in playing Jazz and Dr KEWL, who specializes in playing Soulful House….they are both very talented and knowledgeable about their specialty-based music genre, and I respect them both greatly.

DJ Miles_2012
DJ Miles (taken from the Black Soul Rhythms Radio website)

According to Dibou, what makes DJ Miles and Dr KEWL particularly great DJ’s is there dedication to teaching others. She explains, “Both are RL teachers…they are music historians who love music…for the love of music!!”

With the teaching of others acting as a central anchor to the music played at Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio, Dibou was kind enough to provide a complete listing of all the DJ’s who are currently staffed at Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio:

Mizz DIBOU – primarily plays neoSoul, RnB and Gospel

DJ Miles 11thour (Miles Eleventhauer) – specializes in Jazz & Funk

DJ_kewlDR KEWL (Barry Offcourse) – responsible for playing soulful House music

DJ Lady P (HoninMyo Resident) – plays neosoul

DJ Shine (Sean Namori) – plays neosoul & RnB

DJ Nisa (Nisa Constantine) – spins hiphop

DJ Sunny Love (Love Holiday) – specializes in playing hiphop music

sunni love pic
Love Holiday is a BSR DJ that specializes in Hip Hop. According to the BSR website, on Saturdays from 8PM to 10PM ET, DJ Sunny Love and her hostess SmokinJewelz provide a soul quenching sip of steaming RnB and Hot Hiphop Jams! Holiday has also previously written articles for The SL Parade…

These array of DJ’s are responsible for recruiting a vast audience to Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio. Dibou reiterates this by saying, “BSR Radio DJs are devoted to bringing listeners a wide variety of new music. We try hard not to sound like other SL radio stations. Yet what sets us apart is that our radio personalities and radio shows are very professional.” This professionalism is primarily due to their vast knowledge about the music genre they play.

Mizz DIBOU_Radio Show_256x256
Marjorie Dibou, also known as DJ Mizz DIBOU is not only the Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) founder, but also regularly DJ’s, as well as regularly host a NuSoul/NeoSoul Show on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET/7 PM PST (taken from the Black Soul Rhythms Radio website)…

With an average of 100 listeners per day, Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio also acts as a personal music beacon to many listeners. Dibou agrees with this sentiment by saying, “People have told me they really like the personal attention they receive, the conversation and the good times they had [while listening to BSR and while] at the SugarHill Lounge! In fact, our past hostesses truly made our events memorable.

Leaving no staff members behind, Dibou continues: “Shout out to our very early hostesses Acheli Kungler and Luliana Noriega – they kept the crowd chatting for hours!!”

As avid Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio supporters, The SL Parade urges you to check out their stream!  If you visit the SL Parade Headquarters, you can regularly hear the station being played on our SIM; however, if you want to stream it on your land, feel free to listen at http://www.blacksoulrhythms.com.

Listeners can also download free music at https://www.mixcloud.com/BSRRadio/, as well as join the Black Soul Rhythms (BSR) Radio on Twitter and on Facebook.  To do the latter, please go to the following sites:  Join BSR on Facebook and join BSR on Twitter.

Note:  If you want to learn more about this great radio station, please be sure to visit their website at http://www.blacksoulrhythms.com/index.html

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