SMR Productions and The SLP Collaborate For October 24 Trick O’Treat Trail

srm trick or treat signHalloween is fastidiously approaching, and since Halloween is all about the kids, SMR Productions has asked various organizations–including The SL Parade–to sponsor a Trick O’Treat Trail on October 24, 2015.  SL Companies that agree to be a part of the trail will have to set up an area on their land that gives out whatever they would like to give to SL Children.  Items that can be given include, candy, lindens, gifts….whatever the company on the trail likes.  SMR also asks that they be allowed to display their promotion board on the organization’s land so the SL children will know that it is safe to stop by and grab their designated goodies.

In order for this promotion to smoothly work, an organization’s land has to be open to children; thus, be sure to talk to your land owner and neighbors prior to agreeing to participate in this promotion.

There is a ghost holding the cupcakes, and a Sweet Tots gift awaits...
There is a ghost holding the cupcakes, and a Sweet Tots gift awaits…

Because The SL Parade has agreed to be a part of the SMR Trick O’Treat Trail, there are cupcakes available for all SL children.  In addition, Sweet Tots founder SweetiePie Riggles has graciously donated FOUR outfits to The SL Parade to give to SL children who visit The SL Parade Headquarters.  These outfits are wrapped in orange and black boxes throughout The SL Parade Headquarters, so please be sure to peruse around the office and look for them.  The SL Parade Headquarters is located on Egret Key, but if you are interested in visiting the SIM right now, please feel free to click here:  The SL Parade Headquarters.

pumpkin slp headquarters_003
Be mindful that while ReRe Sandalwood is fine with children drinking the Arabian Coffee, she wants all SL children to shy away from the Pink Champagne, “That’s only for the grown folks…” she adds.

Also, ReRe Sandalwood wants all the children to be mindful to stay on designated SL Parade Headquarters land, and to be sure to only grab the cupcakes and Sweet Tots packages available.  The pink champagne that is out is only available to adults, so please refrain from grabbing that.  However, all SL children are welcome to grab a cup of Arabian Coffee if they want.

If your organization is interested in being part of the SMR Trick O’Treat Trail, please contact Missyluve Resident or Robien Moonshadow inworld.

SMR also has a Haunted House set up if you want to be scared out of your wits for Halloween.  If you want to pay a visit to their sim, please click on the following link:  SMR Haunted House.

pumpkin slp headquarters_001
All SL children and adults are welcomed to sit on top of the pumpkin and take pictures…on the right is a designated Sweet Tots gift for all SL Children…



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