The SRM’s Harvest Party: An SRM Reopening Celebration!

Indea's openingApple bobbing, hay rides, dancing, and the appearance of people who have not been on SL in a while were all wonderfully featured at the SRM’s Harvest Festival.

st isabella island_022
Sunrise Mansion and Museum….one of many attractions that can be toured at SRM…

This Festival honored the reopening of the Sunrise Mansion (SRM), a SIM that was created to emulate the tradition of Melrose Plantation, a plantation that was originally owned by a former slave who  later became a wealthy business woman via the establishment of this Plantation in the late 18th century.

Because the Melrose Plantation later became an artist colony, the Sunrise Mansion acts as a way to pay homage to the people it represents.  According to the information featured in the Sunrise Mansion group, this SIM honors the following: The Gullah Culture of the Sea Islands and Creole culture of the Cane & Red River valley. This honoring is done via Gallery-related features such as artifacts, food, music, dance, as well as exhibits by SL artists.

st isabella island_003
Bro Cosmo Kawabata was the SRM Harvest Festival’s DJ…

In terms of the Harvest Party, SRM had Bro Cosmo Kawabata act as the party’s DJ, and JardinAlexis of PBC Productions warmly welcomed all those in attendance.  The SIM was decorated with falling leaves, as well as trees that garnered orange and yellow colors commensurate of the Fall season.  In addition to falling leaves, there were also colorful piles (complete with festive looking pumpkins) positioned throughout the SIM, enabling those in attendance to strike a pose and snap a quick photo of themselves.

JardenAlexis, host and founder of PBC Production Company....

Because SRM specializes in honoring Gullah Culture of the Sea Islands, as well as Creole culture of the Cane & Red River Valley via art exhibitions and celebration, there was also an array of art featured on the SIM. In fact, the SIM itself is a piece of art, as it recreates an array of historical building structures, and even has a ship along its harbor.

indea vaher fb
Indea Vaher, Founder and Residential Artist at Sunrise Mansion…

Indea Vaher, founder of the Sunrise Mansion, also gave away a piece of art that is usually priced at $1200 L.  What made this gift really special was that it was made with her own hands; Indea Vaher is an RL artist that also creates valuable pieces of art in SL.  She explains, “I’m a mixed media artist…but I primarily use oils, or acrylic on canvas…”

st isabella island_015Those in attendance of the SRM Harvest Party readily embraced the free gift of art, as well as eloquently danced the night away.  Be mindful that all cultures were welcomed to this event, as was evident by the gracious geisha that danced at the Harvest Festival, as well by the celebrity-like presence of SL model lukrecia merchiston.  There were also some avis present that seemed to be frozen in time, simply by the clothes they wore and by the way they danced.  One avi in particular, Yvette Audranna Steward, looked like she stepped out of the 1920’s, as her hair was conveniently styled in a way similar to how many use to wear their hair during that time.

Others in attendance included Coffee Brown, as well as JazzySweet Tone and Strong Guardian.  The Wingtips also graced the SRM Harvest Party with their presence, and looked their Fall best in festive attire.

st isabella island_014
Yvette Audranna Steward, the avi that seemed to be a representation of a fragment in time…

Though the SRM Harvest Party was merely a one day even, the Sunrise Mansion SIM is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In fact, Indea Vaher encourages everyone to come by and take a tour of this fabulous, historical themed SIM.  She also encourages everyone to not only take a look at her art, but to make a lasting donation to insure the Sunrise Mansion can remain open in celebration of the history it acknowledges.

st isabella island_013
SL model lukrecia merchiston relaxing at the SRM Fall Harvest Party…

If you are interested in visiting this fabulous SIM, please click on the following link:  Sunrise Museum and other great attractions.

Also, please take a look at the additional pics taken at this great party on ReRe Sandalwood’s Facebook page…

Throwing The Bones, a piece of art given away to those that came out to support the SRM Harvest Festival...
Throwing The Bones, a piece of art given away to those that came out to support the SRM Harvest Festival…

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