Kamille Kamala Writes ‘Passion For Sale’ Poem

SEX_TraffickingChild sex trafficking is manufacturing
Of children for the sex trade
These kids are being sold and resold
From one pimp to another
There is a worldwide epidemic
A crime that takes place in every major city
And in even the most remote rural communities
Where commodities are unloaded
Out of dark and sleazy passenger vans
Onto unfriendly downtown city streets
As they slither through back page alleys
And into rooms lit with red lights and blood red misery
But you see this product is priceless
And they are unique in its own right
They each have fractured souls whose
Fractured bodies are hosting fractured heartsSex_Trafficking2_640
As they dwell on the discontented whore’s track
Make money honey
Just lay back
And take this ride on the heroin train
Hitting your arm real hard trying to pick a vein
See, they curb tricking
This is pimp’s heaven is any hoe’s hell
They making money cause they got passion for sale
An estimated revenue of over 87 million dollars daily
Promises of love marriage support and fat babies
Delivering only isolation abuse rape and slavery
Human trafficking of women is becoming quite ordinary
Even eleven year olds girls walking the track
Stacking them racks
For the gangstas and the playas
And the Daddy Macs
They call them their little girls
While they keep them on their mental knees
And they are cuffed and bond with mental chains
This is the oldest profession in history and the newest form of slaverysex Human-Trafficking
No fault, it’s just that life threw them into the hands of the unsavory
Characters that teach them to get pay for sexual favors
Nikki thought it was love when she fell for a man in his thirties
When she was still in high school
Until one day he chained her to the bed
And made money by letting men sleep with her for two years
Renee’s uncle started sleeping with her when she was ten
But after she got older he whisked her away with him
Taking her to the big city to see the big and bright lights
And on one night he told her he needed her to pay her way
And all she could see were silhouettes of men crowding her motel doorway
She took down 40 men in one night
Now Mary thought she had it good
When she met the man that told her he would take her from the hood
And this he did,
But where she ended up was three thousand miles from homesex-traffickingv04
Body used up and mind undid
She finally got the ticket to home
When he realized she was going to have a kid
The child set her free
And it tasted both sweet and bitterly
But Lisa a transgender woman was proud of her stamp on her back
That revealed the name of her pimp written in calligraphy
Along with his branded logo
Even though he allowed a man
To violently grab her around the neck
And sent her to her knees in the piled up snow
Knowing if she cried or complained
He would beat her with a bent clothes hanger lined with his sock
This to her was still love compared to what she got at home or on the block
These victims were someone’s sister daughter or mother
They play a prominent role in human traffickingSexTrafficking-in-North-Carolina
Because they are the product
This affects every country
And most victims are subjugated by someone of their own race
Conquered and dominated by someone they loved
Or knew from their community
There are signs everywhere around us
If you know someone that is not free to come and go as they like
Says that they owe a large debt to someone
Avoids eye contact
Looks unkempt or malnourished
If you see a woman at the strip mall
Who looks as if she is being dominated by some guy
Or if there are signs of physical abuse
Or visible bruises
Take action
Alert the police
Don’t let it pass you by
The chance
To unleash and unveil
The passion that is up for sale
Hashtag #endsextrafficking
Together we can be the new abolitionists


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