Sweet Tot’s Wants You to Get Your Halloween Hunt ON Yall!

Sweet Tots Hunt Shot.png 2Sweet Tots is hosting their 5th Annual Halloween Hunt. The hunt runs through the month of October, ending on November 1st. You start your adventure at front of Sweet Tots main shop at the Mini Mall. Picking up the the starter kit, you will find inside a TD outfit for Girls and Boys. You can wear this outfit while on the hunt. Not required but just to make the game/hunt a bit more fun. You will also find a pumpkin pal candy bucket,  flashlight, and your “Got It” Hunt Hud. You do not need to wear this hud, but it is highly recommended. (To work the hud, ADD, and check off as you find the prizes. Once you put the hud on, it will give you outlines of what the object looks like. After you find it, touch the hud and it will check it off with a “GOT IT X”

Also in your starter kit, you will find “The Beginning Story”. It is most important that you read the story. This will tell you about one of the missing children and approximately where to locate your first prize and find the next story. Each prize is packed with goodies for your ToddleeDoo avi. (Boys and Girls)

Along the way, you will encounter many “bonus prizes” and “Pumpkin prizes” All offering you super gifts!! No freebies and or cheapies are in this hunt.

Make your way from Sweet Tots Main store, all the way to The Haunted Town. Beware of the nightly screams, monsters and things that go bump in the night.

This hunt is not only great to do alone, but it’s super awesome to do as a family. The hunt will take you at least and hour, sometimes longer to get all the way through it, but totally worth it. You will leave Sweet Tots with tons of laughs, scares and over 180 prizes!

This is Sweetiepie Riggles 5th year hosting said event. Asking her why she gives away so much, she simply replies “Cause it’s fun”

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