A Princess Is In The Making at The Lil Princess Academy

~by The SL Parade’s Own Mιgнту Ƒαує Ƒιяєcαѕтєя-Ɗανяσѕ (mightymidge)

Created by Duchess Swan (Qba016.deviantart.com) on @deviantART at Pinterest...
Created by Duchess Swan (Qba016.deviantart.com) on @deviantART at Pinterest…

Last week on my Facebook page I posted a picture of my being bestowed the title of Duchess at one of the schools I go to called Lil Princess Academy. Most people who posted a comment had no idea about the program so I have decided for this article I am going to tell you all about it!

LPA was officially opened by Her Royal Highness Sabrina Michalak. Ever since she was little (thanks in part to many a Disney movie), she had always wanted to be a Princess. Soon after she entered SL she made it a goal to provide all children of SL the opportunity to do just that!

The journey to becoming a Princess at LPA means working through the ranks by taking classes. The first rank is Countess, followed by Marquise and finally Duchess. Each rank has two core classes that must be taken (along with a total class requirement) Princess Etiquette and General Education.

Being a student at LPA for me personally has been a magical experience. I am one of four identical toddlers (we call ourselves tuplets) and two out of the four of us are princesses… I have the farthest to go, but that is okay, the journey is part of the fun.

"Yup me duchess"photo taken by MightyMidge while at her Coronation....
“Yup me duchess” photo taken by Mighty Faye Firecaster-Davros while at her LPA Coronation….

Another great part of LPA is that when you have your princess coronation you are then able to be a teacher (either on an adult alt or by making a adult version of your current self that you show yourself as when you teach classes). My sister/wifey Hope was made princess three weeks ago and has taught three classes since then as her adult self!

It is the hope of princess Sabrina and all those involved that as time goes on LPA will grow bigger and better with each passing day. More classes are added on a regular basis ( like mermaid class!) so don’t worry about things getting boring because even after you have made Princess you can still go to classes as little you free of charge!

This is a fairly condensed explanation of LPA. but I hope that it has sparked some interest within you fair readers to come and check it out!

LPA Halloween Party photo taken by Mighty Faye Firecaster D
LPA Halloween Party photo taken by Mighty Faye Firecaster-Davros

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