Share Your Good News With Those That Care!

good-newsI love hearing good news…

No, not good news that highlights a powerful topic…I am talking about good news like SL engagement announcements, not to mention the adoption of an SL kid…or better yet, someone getting SL pregnant and having a prim baby…

While this is the case, I recently came across some good news by accident.  I was reading a friend of mine’s profile, and found out that she has recently partnered with another man.  Though we have not spoken for some time, it is something that I still felt she should have told me, mostly because we were extremely close and often talked via phone and skype.

Yet by not sharing her good news with me, its painfully obvious that she may not have thought much of me in the first place, and this realization greatly saddens me.  This is because I have always valued this woman’s opinion, as well as encumbered a great deal of respect for her beauty, intellect and prowess.

after the opera_004
In this picture, I am sitting with GideaNinja Dagger in a meadow…he often shares some of his news with me, and I am deeply appreciative of it…

It still hurts, but it firmly cemented my belief in the importance of embracing good news…no matter how you come across it.  After all, it is important to continually embrace the positive, and to lift others up in a reassuring way in support of their accomplishments.  Thus, I believe in the importance of not only sharing good news, but in also avidly supporting my SL friends and family in any way I can. Further, I realize that part of that support consist of not only sharing things, but in keeping confidence with friends and family when it comes to deep and revealing conversations.

But, if you feel uncomfortable sharing positive aspects of your life with your friends and family, this may potentially demonstrate that you are in either a one-sided or a dysfunctional relationship.  If this is the case, it may be in your best interest to not only spread your net, but cast it in such a way where you will attract like-minded individuals who positively reinforce your worth in their lives by sharing aspects of their life with you.  This is because intimacy can also be achieved via verbal communication and dialog.

In retrospect, I have done that.  I have a wonderful SL sister, and she has brought with her a rich, varied and talented family.  She is a great person and has been a great person for as long as I have known her.  Her support is not only unconditional, but reaffirming.

Me and my sister, Kamille Kamala, as featured on my Facebook page...
Me and my sister, Kamille Kamala (I have two SL sisters; Lixena Lamourfou is my other…and I think I might be considered the Kid sister between them both), as featured on my Facebook page…

In addition to this sister, I have another sister that offers great advice on how to handle web pages, as well as on how to write articles.  In fact, it is these two relationships that keenly demonstrate my next bit of advice: if you are friends with someone who fails to think enough of you to share positive news about their newly acquired SL partnership, or potentially judges you on your errors and faults, then it is very important to widen your net and meet folks that can offer you the friendship you deserve.

With this in mind, I have decided that if anyone in the SL World wants to share their good news with The SL Parade, that I will not only readily embrace it, but I will also publish it.  Thus, if you have a wedding announcement, please let me know….better yet, if you have recently had a prim baby, or recently adopted a child, partnered, whatever….let The SL Parade know so we can share this good news!

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