Netera’s Lounge: A Small Place That Packs A Powerful Literary PUNCH!

netera_010Sometimes, even a seemingly simple SL place can hide an awesomely hidden gem filled with history and literary reflection…

Netera Landar discusses all things related to Netera’s Lounge, as well as her recently published RL book called “Deadly Reservations”

This is definitely the case with Netera’s Lounge. Owned by Netera Landar, Netera’s Lounge is located at Snug Harbor, and features percolated coffee at every table, as well as tasty donuts, Danishes and cakes right in front of the Lounge’s menu board.

Yet, this seemingly unassuming Lounge not only harbors coffee and a cozy atmosphere, it also fosters an atmosphere of creativity. One way this is accomplished is via the inclusion of classical music; in fact, classical music can be heard not only in the Netera’s Lounge’s Café, but can also be heard within the confines of the Iconic Women’s Exhibit. In terms of the latter, the Iconic Women’s Exhibit is a breath taking visual presentation that offers SL patrons a chance to look upon pictures of famous women, and juxtapose those photos to profound sentiments and quotes expressed by the famous women featured in the exhibit. Iconic Women featured include Coretta Scott King, Anne Frank, and Eleanor Rosevelt, which keenly demonstrates that the Exhibit is not solely limited to race nor class.

netera_014Located upstairs from the Café, patrons coming to see the Iconic Women’s Exhibit can use the teleporter to get to these invaluable photos and quotes.

netera_015When asked what prompted her to create the Iconic Women’s Exhibit, Netera Landar explains, “I wanted [to create something that was] thought provoking. Throughout history, our voice has been silenced. [In fact,] throughout history it has been a man’s world, and the women featured in this exhibit were courageous. They dared to defy the norm.”

I.  Netera’s Lounge: A Beacon for All Writers

In addition to fostering an atmosphere of inclusion by housing the Iconic Women’s Exhibit, Netera Landar created the Netera’s Lounge as a beacon for all writers. She explains, “I created a special place for writers…in fact, this is what I really want for my lounge…and the reason why I want to get the word out about it, too…I would love for groups to meet here…”

deadly reservationsLandar’s interest in writers is no coincidence. In RL, she is Denise Fleischer, author of Deadly Reservations. A paranormal thriller, Deadly Reservations centers around an angel named David, who, according to the book’s synopsis, “…emerged in mortal time on Earth, his soul born as a human named David Giovanni.” In his new, human form, he is primarily responsible for protecting Zoe, a young woman who must “relearn who she is and eventually take her place among a warrior class of spiritual beings, all while heaven and earth lie in the balance.”

In addition to Deadly Reservations, Denise Fleischer is currently working on a sequel to this novel. In fact, the manuscript is tentatively entitled, “Sharp Edge.”

Yet, in addition to working on the “Sharp Edge” manuscript, her SL alter ego lets The SL Parade know that she completely understands that writers need a place to not only commune with like-minded individuals, but a space that allows them to quietly write and reflect with little pressure. Because Landar specializes in writing about the paranormal…a topic that can make many uncomfortable…Landar truly recognizes how important it is to create a safe place for writers to gather.

netera_002II.  Netera Landar’s Writing and how she helps others

When asked how she first started writing about angels, demons and all things paranormal, Landar explains that she began writing about thirty years ago. She continues, “I had a dream about [a] funeral, and the idea of a story seemed to pour out of me…sometime later, it was around 3 A.M….I had the dream about a young woman who lost her parents. This dream led to the first manuscript for the Crusaders’ novels…[in total,] I wrote 12 manuscripts over the years, and I finally said to myself, ‘I will be published before I am 30…’”

To accomplish this goal, Landar first began by preparing a synopsis. This synopsis acted as a gateway to not only potentially acquiring a publisher, but in eventually sending out a manuscript. However, despite her efforts, she states, “…the agents wouldn’t take me…I was unpublished and not worth their time.”

Denise Fleischer in RL…taken from her Facebook page (

Yet, by facing this initial frustration head on, Lander has a better understanding of why it is so important for writers to have a safe place to explore their creativity. She explains, “If there is a will, there is a way… I already had many years of real life articles published…I am a society editor, but I always knew I could write…I simply had to find a way to my future…”

Yet one of many ways a writer can find their future is by enveloping themselves in an atmosphere that is supportive and nurturing.  In fact, it was this realization that contributed to Landar’s creation of the Netera’s Lounge, and why she also facilitates RL panels that center on the writing experience. In terms of the former, Landar states, “I have a special place for writers right here at Netera’s Lounge…I want the word to get out there that my lounge can be used for group gatherings, too….”

netera_008In terms of RL, Landar has not only hosted an Authorfest in Schaumburg, IL a few years ago, but has also equally promoted other writers to insure that they get their work out there. She explains, “[At Authorfest, I facilitated promotion for my writings, as well as] 30 authors or so…I led panels with assigned topics, sometimes 9 authors were featured on one panel. My questions were all scripted, [and covered] everything from the writing process to exploring other writing genres…”

As if running an inworld Lounge is not enough, Netera Landar additionally promotes other authors through her gottawritenetwork blog-based website that was built in April 2013 and has garnered 7,065 hits as of today. Landar explains, “I promote Penguin’s authors mostly, and I post their guest blog posts when new titles are out and interview a few…and review their books…”


If you are interested in reading Denise Fleischer’s book Deadly Reservations, feel free to purchase it on Published by ArcheBooks, it is available as a hardcover for $27.00, but can also be purchased for $9.99 if you would like to read it via Kindle. We also encourage everyone to pay a visit to Netera’s Lounge, specifically to see the Iconic Women’s Exhibit.  To go directly to this sim, please click the following link:  Netera’s Sim at Snug Harbor.