The Aphrodite Shop: A Full Exploration of the Palate

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While on a winter hiatus, The SL Parade had the pleasure of visiting the *~Aphrodite Shop~* Megastore ( Not only did this venture prove to be therapeutic, it also proved to be fun and educational. If you are interested in exploring your SL palate, then this shop is definitely for you.


What makes this place so special is not only its cozy nature, but its ability to empower customers interested in purchasing their products. Whether you are interested in buying a tent, or are planning a romantic dinner date with a love interest, the Aphrodite Shop has every product under the sun to make your SL experience as authentic and realistic as possible. The products are not only featured on the SIM for patrons to directly sample, but they are conveniently nestled on a snow packed route that seamlessly surrounds a gorgeous pond filled with swans and other wildlife.

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Because there are so many products to choose from, the creator behind the Aphrodite Shop offers patrons the option to rezz products that may be a bit too huge to be permanently displayed on the SIM. This, in turn, empowers the patron in making an educated decision about the products they are evaluating for purchase. For instance, with a click of a button, patrons can ascertain how big the product is, as well as how it potentially rezzes atop of their land. They can also take a look at the color scheme, and a host of other things intrinsic in making an informed, purchased-based decision.

aphrodite store_006


Yet, what makes this shop extremely unique is how welcoming it is to patrons. The SIM encourages patrons to hang out there. For instance, during the holiday (Christmas) season, the Aphrodite Shop not only had an Ice Rink, it also featured a dog ran sled and a hearty Santa Claus! The rink, though small, proved to be quite a romantic venture, since there were cuddles and hugs available for patrons to use…as well as an ice skating rink to skate on.

The dog sled was—by far—one of the best features on this SIM because it offered patrons a complete tour of the shop. This cut the exploration time it usually takes to look at all of the products in half, and also allowed patrons to take a break from walking from one part of the SIM to the next.

rere at aphrodite_006 - Copy (2)Yet, in addition to the sled, patrons also have the option to teleport from one area of the SIM to the next. This teleportation can come in handy if you are looking for something specific.


Exploring your Palate at the Aphrodite Shop’s Restaurant


Last but not least, The SL Parade also wants to mention the Aphrodite Shop’s restaurant! Though romantically decorated and conveniently overlooking pristine SL waters, patrons have to make reservations to fully partake in the ambiance offered. According to the Aphrodite Restaurant’s Price List related note card:

“To make an ADVANCE reservation, please note, at least 24-hours notice is required. A minimum 50% deposit of your total bill is required at time of reservation, or it will be avoided. The remaining balance must be paid at time of service otherwise your reservation is cancelled and no refund will be issued.

rere at aphrodite_009 - Copy - CopyThe note card continues, “For Instant Service, 100% of your bill is due at time of service…”

To learn more about the reservation packages available, please IM Marina Ramer or Aradia Aridian inworld.


Other perks of Shopping at Aphrodite


Besides having a gorgeous and close-knit SIM, Aphrodite also encourages customers to give feedback about their products on the SL Marketplace. In fact, upon purchasing any Aphrodite product, a representative will contact you inworld and thank you for choosing their products. This type of professionalism and customer service is very rare in SL, and should be celebrated for this reason.

rere at aphrodite_010 - Copy - CopyOnce the representative thanks you for your purchase, they encourage you to write a review of the product you recently purchased by offering you a gift certificate once your review is successfully posted on the SL Marketplace. They do not influence these reviews; rather, they encourage customers to voice their own opinions about the products and services offered at their Shop.

Another perk of shopping at the Aphrodite Shop is that if you experience any challenges with their products, a representative will personally visit your land to assist you. This is particularly useful if you purchase any of their appliances.


Let’s Support Businesses that Foster Professionalism


An SL store like the Aphrodite Shop is rare, and because of its rareness, it is very important that we support their efforts in selling products that make our time in SL more authentic and realistic. The best way to support businesses like this is by not only by buying their products, but by regularly visiting the SIM and expressing how much you appreciate the creator’s efforts. Perhaps doing this and more will encourage others to follow suit…