The SL Parade Adds A Satellite Office on the Center Ground SIM

center ground slp_001The SL Parade may not be busting down walls like the Kool-Aid man, but we are making steady progress!


Recently, The SL Parade opened an additional office location on the Center Ground SIM.  With the ability to teleport to the SL Parade’s Satellite office using this link SL Parade’s Satellite Office at Common Ground, this newly renovated SL Parade office is designed to demonstrate our commitment to the SL community. Thus, this office is available to patrons interested in advertising with us, as well as in offering any ideas on article topics that can be covered in the SLP.  This office is also designed to be a haven for those that would like to offer feedback on how the publication is doing, as well as offer suggestions on ways we can better work for the SL community.


For your convenience, ReRe Sandalwood has also set up a pink mailbox, meant to empower SL community members with the ability to get in touch with SL Parade staff members as ground slp_002


Be mindful that The SL Parade still has a headquarters located at Egret Key, so please feel free to pay that location a visit if you are in the neighborhood!

center ground slp_005


Because The SL Parade is also in need of writers, the Center Ground Satellite office has a friendly bot on the premises that passes out Writing applications (among other things) to those that are interested in writing for The SL Parade.  Some perks of being a writer for the SL Parade include having your own online page that offers links to your articles, as well as a nurturing atmosphere that offers you the flexibility to write on any topic you want.  Also, The SL Parade will pay you 550l per published article, so if you are interested, please stop by our Center Ground satellite office!


The Center Ground SIM offers a plethora of social opportunity for SL community members.  The SIM not only has store front units available to rent, but also fosters an atmosphere of educational growth by offering Domestic Violence recognition courses.  Because the Center Ground SIM is specifically designed for SL community members interested in fostering their own growth–rather business or personal–The SL Parade will be writing an in-depth story about this fabulous SIM.  In the meantime, please pay a visit to Center Ground, and be sure to stop by the SL Parade’s Satellite Office!center ground slp_004