10 Years At Irie Vibes: No Frills, All Thrills!

10th Anniversary_ 1st Event Poster


Longevity is often an elusive SL foe, but if longevity is a monster, then Irie Vibes has slayed it!


Irie Vibes, a vibrant club located at Dreamworld Star, is celebrating their 10-year anniversary inworld. Specializing in reggae and dancehall, this club continuously plays Jamaican-inspired music via the fusion of awesome DJ’s, friendly hosts, and an awe-inspiring Caribbean-themed SIM that overlooks lush sand and vibrant water.

lacy fearne
Lacy Fearne, Irie Vibes Club Owner

According to Lacy Fearne, Irie Vibes’ Club owner, she indirectly inherited Irie Vibes from Irie Iwish (aka Irie Tsure). She explains, “Though the Club has been inworld for 10 years, I’ve actually been in SL 8 yrs next week…Irie’s was going nearly 2 years before I arrived. I took over when the people who bought Irie’s from Irie Iwish aka Irie Tsure, the creator, didn’t have time to run it and in the end they sold me both the group and the name.”


In keeping with the club’s vibrant and alluring nature, Lacy Fearne explains that in order to keep the club fresh, it takes a ton of hard work and creativity. She says, “We basically play good reggae, have the best DJs and have a staff who operate a club that promotes niceness to all…I also listen to all and get ideas from my staff and patrons. I, along with my staff often encourage people to become Irie Vibes staff members, and we often get patrons to DJ for Irie Vibes; in fact, if you have talent and just need a ‘leg up’ the ladder, Irie Vibes is the place to come to…”


irie vibe d kamaria
DJ Kamaria is one of many DJ’s that play for Irie Vibes

To help with cost, Fearne tells The SL Parade: “Our club is run by volunteers and donations help pay our tiers. DJs are made up from RL ones and SL ones that we nurture from members visiting the club to them eventually having their own DJ spot.”


When asked if she could offer some advice to others interested in running a club of their own, Fearne says, “Run!!! It is hard work and you are constantly trying to keep things fresh…but it is just the love of reggae that keeps us going…”


Yet, if motivation could be measured in love, Irie Vibes would hold an unlimited supply of the stuff. Playing reggae for a concentrated, world-wide audience, Irie Vibes attracts people from all walks of life. To better illustrate this, Lacy Fearne tells The SL Parade about her most favorite time of year to hold an Irie Vibe party: New Year’s Eve. She exclaims, “…our New Year’s Eve parties are the best. Everyone comes ‘home’ to celebrate the New Year and we have the chimes at midnight for UK, Europe and Israel. It is a great party night. I’ve had tears on these nights many a time….”


As mention, those that frequent Irie Vibes come from all over the world, and represent varying occupations. Photo shown taken from the What’s Up ZiZi website…

In terms of what she hopes Irie Vibes holds in the SL future, Lacy Fearne embraces hope for the future. She explains, “I just hope we make it through our 10th year and we manage to get as many DJs, both past and present on the decks, as well as people that come back to celebrate with us. I also hope we get to spread Irie’s vibes wide and far in SL.”


She also encourages everyone to come to Irie Vibes’ 10th Anniversary Party…the 1ST SPECIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR that will be happening on Saturday, February 6, 2016. Starting at 10 AM SL Time, the lineup features DJ REDGOLD, DJ Bud Newman, and DJ BISKIT, and will last until 4 PM SL Time.


irie vibes_001Be mindful that on this day, Lacy Fearne would like all patrons to come out in their best ‘Irie’ wear. “Wear what you wore back in the day or something fun!” she says, then continues: “Even if you wear clothes inspired by Irie Vibes, all are welcomed!”