There Yesterday, Here Today: The SL Parade HQ Has Moved!


The Captain captnemoorg

~by the SL Parade’s own The Captain~

Those of you who have visited the Egret Key location looking for The SL Parade Headquaters (now at this link) may have found that it is no longer there! And while the Center Ground Satellite office is closed too, The SL Parade Headquarters is conveniently located next door to this community-based SIM.

The SL Parade Headquarters relocated because a valuable opportunity to purchase some linden land was presented to Editor-in-Chief, ReRe Sandalwood. Linden land, according to many, is cheaper to purchase because it comes directly from Linden Lab. ReRe Sandalwood, as well as The SL Parade staff, are hopeful that the new location will get more traffic, and hence more exposure to The SL Parade….

Here is one of many New SL Parade Headquarters’ actual Landing Points for patrons:

viewfromcenterground…as you can see, The SL Parade Headquarters’ front gate is positioned in such a way that it overlooks other Linden Land properties. However, the area where the pool is located is conveniently next door to the Center Ground SIM.

SL Parade Headquarters also doubles up as ReRe Sandalwood’s new home place. Hmm, I wonder who this is?


  1. Hmm, What is a Second Life Auction?

If you are interested in purchasing land directly from Linden Lab, there is an open auction in place. To participate, an SL community member must have a premium membership and be at least 14 days old. For more about purchasing Linden Land, take a look at Second Life’s FAQ link: Second Life Land Purchase FAQ’s .

Generally, land is resold to the public in world either by the auction winners, or by Linden Labs itself. The land is either brand new mainland created by Linden Lab or land that has reverted back to Linden Lab due to a hosts of circumstances.

If you are a premium member, and are interested in bidding on Linden Land, please take a look at this link: Linden Lab Auction List.


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