Part II of Indea Vaher, CEO/ Founder Presents: SRM St Isabella Island, USA

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African Americans during reconstruction made great strides towards assimilation, many sought higher political aspirations with some success until the Jim Crow laws were enacted and it then became necessary because of segregation laws to develop their own communities (As you will read about in more detail in other notes).

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…sweetgrass baskets are one of many examples of entrepreneurship exhibited within the Black community…specifically within the Gullah Culture…

Most of these communities became self contained with their own banks, schools and newspapers. Communities and townships were not always chartered as Townships but out of necessity they did exist. Communities such as Mound Bayou, in Mississippi and others were independent with schools, banks, newspapers, law enforcement etc. throughout the south. There were of course great hardships and poverty however what we wanted to highlight here is how these communities were self reliant and often quite successful. Many of these communities died out after the great migration of African Americans to the North, and Mid-west seeking industrial jobs and a better way of life.

rere on gullah_013SUMMARY
St Isabella Island exists during the period circa 1910 – 1939 and focuses on how life would have been in a small southern island community. We will focus on historical figures of the period, major legislation, and accomplishments. Using period environments we examine the evolution of music, fashion, economics we will also look at some unpleasant aspects of our culture, stereotypes that appear in advertising and film. The Island is not separate from the existing Sunrise Mansion (SRM) complex, but it is an extension of that community.

Please read the other notes you find in displays and kiosks around the SIM that will give more detailed information on the topics mentioned in this introduction. We ask though not necessary that you dress in appropriate period attire when you are on the island to fully immerse the experience…

The SL Parade will publish Part III of Indea Vaher’s SRM St Isabella Island SIM installment on Thursday, March 3, 2016…for your convenience, we have included a slide show that highlights some of the features SRM St Isabella Island, USA offers to patrons…to take a look for yourself, please visit SRM St Isabella Island, USA by clicking the following link here:  Visit SRM St Isabella Island, USA


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