Sigma Upsilon Nu’s 6th Annual Fashion-N-Fierce Show Is An Afrocentric Smash!

sigma epsilon nu


On Sunday, February 28, 2016, Sigma Upsilon Nu went apologetically black in honor of their 6th Annual Fashion-N-Fierce Black History Fashion show…

The show, according to the House of ΣΥΝ Facebook page, featured designers Vero Modero, Moondance Boutique, PREY, Paisley Daisy, Second Nature, Bomshie and Finale Couture. There were also special Donations given by GQueue Inc. & Evolve.  The music featured was presented by DJ Allnite of

sigma epsilon nu_001With music provided by DJ Allnite, there was an uncanny politically conscious backdrop to this event.  Specifically, the Fierce-N-Fashion show began with a featured performance of dancers dressed in the likeness of the Black Panther Party.  As the dancers danced in sync, images of Black historical events flashed in the background.  Piercing images of Michael Brown, as well as of the four little girls who tragically died as a consequence of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama could be seen not only as the dancers danced, but as the models modeled an array of gorgeous attire for this yearly event. These haunting images also provided a politically conscious backdrop throughout the duration of the show…

sigma epsilon nu_032Along with gorgeous modeling attire, there were a slew of designers and other inworld professionals on hand to view the show.  B Y T E Dreams Slade, creator of the Second Nature clothing line, had a special seat reserved for her; the seat was so close, in fact, that she, as the many others who were seated in a similar fashion, could closely see the models as they walked the runway.

B Y T E Dreams Slade’s mother, Myasia Bugatti Gans was also present.  Like her daughter, Gans is well known in the SL community for her public relations efforts, particularly as it relates to Ground Level Radio.  She, along with a host of other onlookers, looked on as both male and female models strutted their stuff across the runway.  Please take a look at these awesome photos:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”8″ gal_title=”fashion show”]

The SL Parade would like to thank the Red Door Models, as well as Cleopatra Kellman, Sundai CobaEsquire for offering an invitation to attend this exceptional event.  We would also like to thank all of the designers, as well the ladies of Sigma Upsilon Nu for including us in this vibrant show.

sigma epsilon nu fashion
…Courtesy of Suzie Coba…

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