Mystical Pet vs Virtual Domestic Pets: Hints of Where To Get Your Exotic Pets

~by the SL Parade’s own Jayceb Sparrowhawk~

Jayceb Sparrowhawk recently took time to visit a few pet-themed SIMs, and noticed some things he would like to share with The SL Parade readers.  Here is his review on a few inworld pet stores….

PRIMROSE PETS~Fennux & Meeroos (if you would like to pay this Pet SIM a visit, please click on the following link: Primrose Pets, Primrose Island

ReRe Sandalwood poses by some meeros eggs, as mentioned in Jayceb Sparrowhawk’s article…

Primrose Pets has a Wow factor behind it as it isn’t typical.  You drop the egg to the ground, click on the egg and use the Coax feature in order for the meeroo to be ‘birthed’, per say.  At approximately 120 seconds, a message that says, “Nest Empty” will appear.  Don’t let this confuse you though, because inside of the nest is a spectacularly unique baby meeroo.

What I like:
The experience overall is different from domestic virtual animals, which is a drop rezz typical experience. You are able to hatch (coax) your pets, and the meeroos  show symbolic affection such as having a heart thrown at you, along with a request for it to be picked up.

With the mystical meeroo varying in coat color, coat length, eye color, tail length, sized from teacup to giants; what I think is ultra cool is their personality. This leaves me eager to purchase more in the sense of seeing behavior and appearance differences.

One of many exotic pets available at Primrose Pets…

Not to mention, when a male and female meeroo are of age, they can be bred.  You can then breed to produce your own babies, or you can either resell, keep a colony, or forget the price tag for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s day and give out meeroos instead!

In terms of breeding, Primose seems to have thought of everything…including a chart that helps you understand compatibility in terms of what animals can be paired for breeding, and what those results will be.

The best feature outside of the meeroo is the Hud that allows interaction with the meeroo.  In the “Status” tab of the hud you are allowed various options. I’ve only used the Pet and Attach options, but all options available are the equivalent of giving a crying baby a bottle.  The meeroo has a comfort level feature, and by petting or attaching (cradling) a meeroo to a person, an uncomfortable meeroo increases their comfort like a changed, fed and settled child.

What I don’t like:
I feel that better set-up/beginner instructions are needed.

There isn’t any place I easily found that provides a list of needs before your purchase as there are some requirements to keeping a meeroos.

The Fennux: This little fellow looks like he will run away if not properly cared for….

Also, there are some must not do’s in order to prevent a meeroo from running away, and more importantly prevent you from potentially coming out of pocket in terms of spending L’s to recover your mystical miracle meeroo.  I’m sure you’ll become so enchanted by a meeroo, that you may become some what distraught if it goes missing.

Also, the price tag associated with recovery is approximately 250L, but this only happens if your attempt to contactthe Wonderful World of Meeroo support center is unsuccessful in recovery.

Delivery – customarily when a SL purchase is made, the item is either delivered to or received in your Object folder.  Take heed, though; this isn’t the case when a meeroo egg is purchased because you must pay, of course.  Payment is followed by the “take” in order for the egg to show in your inventory; otherwise you would’ve abandoned your baby before it even hatched by having left him/her in its fetal state at the store and risk child protective services being the new parents to your unborn meeroo.  Who wants the state in their face? I think I’ll take a pass.

primrose_004Price tag – depending on features meeroos can cost 10L – 40,000 which translate to up to $162.00 in real life money. With potentially steep price tag breeding might be the best way to go to obtain a colony of the high cost, rare meeroos.

What I would like to see as a side note:
A universal food which would prevent needing to purchase multi food for specific species.

I definitely am glad we purchased our meeroo. My daughter was excited and for the day, I was kinda worried since her only word was “Wow”  I thought I let her fall and hit her head, not the case. She was captured by the spell of the meeroo which left her in a 1 word state of articulation for about an hour or so.

primrose_002With that said, I highly encourage anyone interested in purchasing a meeroo to consider the needs/requirements and make sure it’s a cost you’re ready to take on. My understanding is, you can’t simply put the meeroo in your inventory as a convenience for too long, the meeroo will starve and again, there can be a price tag associated with recovery of up to 250L, that is if it can be recovered at all.

Additionally, don’t hatch until you have all the required needs to avoid unnecessary extra steps.

What do you need?

  1. Research; learn about meeroos in advance.
  2. A Stump, which is generally used as a house for the Meeroo.
  3. Food according to species of meeroo (there’s various foods and the correct food must be used) Example of some of the many species specific food florofruit, junglevine.
  4. Meeroo hud (if you want to fellowship, pet, attach and use many other cool features).

Despite the lack of instructions and potentially high price tag, the interaction and experience, as my daughter and I like to say, is radical! I definitely recommend one, two or more.


zooby's_001Zooby’s is an SL pet store located on the Zoobyland SIM.  To visit, please click the following link:  Zooby’s on Zoobyland

I was initially impressed with the large selection ZOOBY’s has to offer. In addition to domestic pets, ZOOBY’s also has an array of exotic pets to choose from.

What I like:
The selection and look of their animals.  Zooby also offers a simple menu that allows you to share your pet with a friend; this allows your friends to interact with your pet via holding, playing, etc.  Zooby also allows your animal to play with other Zooby animals (they do have to be the same species in order for them to do this, though).  Owners can also allow their animal to roam their land, as well as attack trespassers, guard an owner’s land and more.

primrose_006There is also an easy delivery system in place. All you have to do is click the packaged animal box, then click “buy” – that simple.

Price tag – range from approximately 600L to 3000L which translates to approximately $3.00 to $13.00 in real life money.

Selection – ZOOBY’s is a one stop show offering beds, kennels, collar, food, etc.

Appearance –A” grade in terms of quality of appearance, nice life like features.

Zooby’s offers information cards in every section, thank you!

What I don’t like:

Standardize – nothing unique about the experience in my opinion.

…as seen in this picture, Zooby pets are great, but the manufactured presentation can be a bit of a turn off for some…

Organization – Some dogs are on one part of the sim and others on the other part of the sim, and in between are exotic animals. I’d like to see more structure for convenience sake.

If you are looking for a place that offers a variety of domestic and exotic animals, Zooby’s is the place to look as there selection is indeed large.

If you are looking for limited selection but still want a quality, domestic sl pet, I would suggest going to the corner store drop.   The corner store drop offers an in/drop out experience that I highly recommend.

AIF Pets- Auto Intelligence friend ,**the best pets in SL**

AIF is located on the Splinard’s Flat SIM; to go to this location, please click the following link:  AIF Pets – Auto Intelligence Friend

AIF offer free pet clothes, low cost food, great animations and quality looking animals. Image of Diva, my daughter’s dog from AIF PET styled up:

Diva - AIF Pets- Auto Intellingence friend ,__the best pets in

In terms of Mytical SL pet and domestics, for me there isn’t a question…my preference is the mystical from appearance to the experience. Take away from this article, regardless if you are looking for a domestic or mystical animal, PRIMROSE PET offers great mystical animals beyond the meeroo, ZOOBY’s is a great place for a wide selection from domestic to exotics and AIF Pets- Auto Intellingence friend has a number of quality domestic pets in terms of animations and appearance.  Best of all, no matter what you are looking for…from the mystical to the exotic to the domestic… you can count on the relieving fact that you will get a great pet and there won’t be any feces to clean up.

The SL Parade gathered a few more pics of animals available at Primrose, Zooby, and AIF…take a look at the photo gallery:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”sl animals galore”]


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