SL Land Rentals: What To Look For Before Calling A Parcel Your Home

Even in Second Life, there are those who need a virtual home…

new world notes johnny cash land
…courtesy of new world notes: Johnny Cash Home (

If a person is interested in having privacy while they dress, for instance, purchasing land is a great way to insure that their privacy is protected.  Sure, an avatar can take their pick of fitting rooms, and even temporarily crash at a friend’s virtual pad, but the satisfaction of having your own may prove to be a better reward for many.

sl land pic_008
…another perk of living at home is being able to sit around at your leisure…all while drinking tea and potentially entertaining guests…

With this in mind, what should we look for if we are interested in renting SL Land?  For starters, if you don’t hold a Premium Awards account, it may be best to look at land that does not require you to have one.

Yet regardless if you have a premium account or not, it will also be important to do your research to determine if the land rental opportunity is the right one for you.  Yet, how can a potential customer do this?  The SL Parade offers the following suggestions:

  1.  Access a goal date of when you want to acquire land.  A goal date can help you better manage your linden budget, as well as help you stay on target while searching for the land opportunity that is right for you.
  2. Determine how much you are willing to spend per month for your land rental.  This is very important, because it can easily become quite expensive to pay for tier.  Rather you are an independent creator that earns lindens via SL Market Place sales, or you solely spend your own RL earnings to make your SL a better one, it is still important to realistically determine how much of your income can be afforded for this opportunity by creating a personal budget.
    How many prims will this fellow need on his land prior to opening this package? You should be asking yourself the same question (courtesy of
  3. Decide how many prims you will need to make your land parcel more like home.  For instance, if you acquire a parcel that has 937 prims, but the furniture and other items you own may surpass that amount, you may have to lean toward a land that offers more prims. Or, if you decide to go ahead and get the 937 prim land parcel, you may have to purchase low prim furniture to make sure it is compatible to your land rental prims.  Either way, deciding early on how many prims you would like to have is very important, more so because the more prims, the more items you can put onto the land property rental :)!
  4. Decide what kind of terrain you want, as well as where you would like to rent.  There are an array of textures available on rental properties; some offer snow-themed land, while others offer sandy beaches, not to mention lush green (and sometimes foliage-filled land). Determining the kind of land you want is not solely based on you looking it over though; it is also based on asking the SIM owner if the terrain will stay the same year round, or if it will be changed in accordance to a specific holiday, etc. If you prefer for your chosen terrain to stay the same year round, it is best to go with a rental that will remain unchanging, as well as one that will assure you that it will not change. This leads to the next suggestions….BE SURE TO READ THE LAND PARCEL’S COVENANT….

    cassendrakes cov
    …an example of an SL Land Parcel covenant (courtesy of
  5. PLEASE Be sure to read the land’s covenant before making any land rental purchases.  This is very important because once you pay for the tier, you will be held accountable for any covenant rules broken on your part of the land.  In fact, this accountability could lead to getting evicted from your land, while the land owner literally keeps your lindens and re-rents out the parcel to another person.
  6. In terms of terrain and the covenant, it is also important to determine if you are allowed to alter the land, or if it has to remain as it is.  Some SIM owners prefer that tenants not make drastic changes to the land.  These drastic changes can include removing foliage without the owner’s consent, as well as terraforming the land.  If you would prefer to live on a land that will allow you more creative flexibility, it is best to ask the owner in advance if it is okay for you to terraform the rental property.  It will also be important to read the covenant, as the covenant functions like a working contract inworld.  With this in mind, it is also important to take it a step further and remember the following:  even if the SIM owner and the covenant says it is ok, ASK your neighbors if they would be okay with you making major changes to your land rental/parcel.  While this may not be imperative, it still shows a great deal of courtesy on your part.

    One example of a land parcel that may have neighbors (courtesy of
    One example of a land parcel that may have neighbors (courtesy of
  7. Decide if you would like to have neighbors at all, or better yet, if you want to live in the same area as others live.  Many prefer the solitude of living alone; others may thrive off of the idea of having neighbors.
  8. Determine if there is any SIM related traffic on the land rental.  If, for instance, the land rental also houses a club or a store, there is a chance that the SIM may not only generate a huge amount of traffic, but may also experience a great deal of lag because of it.  If you love to be around people, the lag may actually be a minor sacrifice for you…if it isn’t, you should strongly consider living on a land/parcel that has little to no traffic on it.
  9. Research the landowners reputation.  Are they flexible in the event a tenant has to pay tier late?  Do they really enforce their covenant?  How long have they been inworld, and how long have they been renting out parcels?  All of these questions and more should be explored prior to renting parcels from any land owner.

Because The SL Parade looks out for its readers, we will also publish an article that highlights some great land rental opportunities!  Though the examples that will be featured are a fraction of what is available in the SL Marketplace, these opportunities will allow you to not only test out the suggestions received in this article, but also see some true hidden SL gems.  As a courtesy, The SL Parade has provided a photo gallery that features various terrain examples from AzureLand Rentals, as well as from Bella Pointe Rentals.  In terms of the latter, Bella Pointe Rentals specializes in skybox rentals, so if you are interested in having a home in the sky, Bella Pointe Rentals is the place for you.

SL Terrain Examples:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”12″ gal_title=”SL Land Parcel Terrain”]


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