Nine Women Honored at International Women’s Photo Gallery Event!

international women's day full kari
…photo taken by KariNoelle Baptiste…

Nine women–including The SL Parade’s Editor-In-Chief–were recently honored in Melenda McBride Mikael’s Photo Gallery entitled, “Beautiful SL Business and International Women on the SL Grid”!  This gallery was held at the Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club, and showcased a plethora of businesses founded by SL women; the Gallery also sought to demonstrate that women can be supportive of one another, and could do so in an environment that was free from objectification and sexual competition.

...taken from Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe's Facebook page...
…taken from Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe’s Facebook page…

Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, a model who also is the Founder of the Hope and Care Center, echoes this sentiment by saying via facebook that, “It was so uplifting to see an event where women in SL get together and empower themselves in a positive manner that does NOT involve being in the sex industry or having to demean themselves and their self-worth.”

Though it took place on March 12, 2016 at 3:00 PM SLT, it is an event that still reasonates with those that were honored…not to mention those that attended.  亗Say Love亗 (saylum.silverfall), one of nine women honored at this event, explains:

“I think it is great idea that Melenda did this and I appreciate the  opportunity in being featured. I think the idea of women empowering other women is something we all should do a bit more of. It gives us all the opportunity to get to know each others talents…”

If you are interested in taking a look at this powerful gallery, please visit Melenda McBride Mikael’s Flickr page here:  Melenda McBride Mikael International Women’s Celebration Gallery.

To all the women out there that own businesses, Melenda McBride Mikael, as well as Kamille Kamala and The SL Parade Staff, salute you!  If you would like to visit the Lyrical Cafe Poetry Lounge, please feel free to follow this link: Lyrical Cafe Poetry Lounge.

Please take a look at some of the pics taken at this awesome event!  Thank you, again Melenda, for this awesome inclusion…it means alot!

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