Center Ground’s Retail and Gallery Store Line Up

Center Ground Business District

center ground rental_013

Retail Stores:

Elegance, –  by Allisonice Sixpence
Male suits and female formal and casual wear

Enchant 3D – by Fianna Idora
Eclectic Mix of Dark, Fantasy, Gothic, Noir, Sci-Fi, Steampunk & Urban themed clothing, props and poses.

Suzy’s Bakery@Center Ground by Suzy Stillwater
Come visit Suzy’s Bakery where we make simple but tasty mesh cakes for celebrations, birthdays and rez days!! Come browse our selection of cakes or leave a suggestion in the suggestion box for a cake you would like to see!

Nascent by Nova Ivanova
Your source for affordable Ready-To-Texture Rigged Mesh Templates & Merchant Resources.

Royal Spools Fashion for All – by  Qu33ntrill
Fashion for men, women, and kids(toddleedoo)
Omega friendly
omega,slink,aesthetic appliers, lola, women, men,
kids, toddleedoo ,tattoos, shoes, hats

Mini Galleries, Radio Station and Cafes:

MD Creations-by MarieDK
Original Digital Paintings

ART of Love – by Divine Crescendo
Beautiful reflections of passion fantasy and Ethnicity Join the Art of Love…The Love of Art

Peek-A-Boo Cafe, owned by Coffee Brown


center ground suzy_002


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