Looking for a New SL Home? Take A Look At These Gems!

A few days ago, The SL Parade provided some helpful tips on how, as well as what to look for, when purchasing land parcels.  While advice is a great starting point, advice merely lies dormant without appropriate application.  With this in mind, The SL Parade has decided to present some great examples of land parcels to rent!

While these land parcels merely skim the surface of what is available inworld, they are really a great starting point in your journey to create the right SL home for you!

I.  Anaconda Rentals

NEWAnacondaEstates2While many may know Anaconda as one of SL’s premiere membership-based dance venues, did you know that they also offer parcel rentals…and that you do not have to be a Anaconda Gold Member to live there?

If not, let’s take a look at some of the many perks of living at Anaconda.  For starters, Anaconda is an adult-rated SIM; this allows tenants the freedom to live in an Adult-Rated environment that, according to Linden Labs, can freely display “expressly sexually themed content, as well as make use of any spaces in that region to facilitate sexual-themed activities” (Second Life Maturity Ratings).  Because this definition offers a mere glimpse of what it means to live in an Adult-rated SIM, The SL Parade urges readers to take a look at the Linden Labs’ Maturity ratings system located on their Wiki page.  To go to their page, please click the following link:  Second Life Maturity Ratings Wiki.

Anaconda Estates 10Along with an Adult rating, Anaconda also offers an insatiable luxury style aimed to suit even the most whimsical palette. This luxury style includes the choice to purchase either a skybox rental, or a Home that offers tenants an additional 50-100 prims. In terms of the former, skybox prices at Anaconda are between $900L to $1100L a week, while the prices of Homes range between $2200L to $3500L a week.

Luxury style, according to Anaconda owner and proprietor Ĺady Vıcイoгia Hausмaηη-Morning (victoria.hausmann) also includes an array of other anemities.  “Anaconda Estates…” she explains, “…are Furnished Adult Rentals that offer Luxury Living with some of the best animations in SL…all units include couples dance balls, TV’s, Radios, ban rights, as well as private media rights.”

AE 3These anemities, along with bolstering tenants that have resided at Anaconda for three years or more, make Anaconda a great land parcel option for those interested in living in community based environment. Ĺady Vıcイoгia Hausмaηη-Morning (victoria.hausmann) adds, “We have 3 tenants that have been here 2-3 years that never frequent the club…”

If tenants can comfortably live alongside a SIM that features a fantastic club, then perhaps you can too (smiles).

To learn more about land parcel opportunities at Anaconda, please pay a visit to their rental office by clicking the link found here:  Anaconda Rental Office.

Prospective tenants are also welcomed to contact either Anaconda Owner-Ĺadу Vıcイoгia Hausмaηη Boa (victoria.hausmann), or any one of the following Managers:

  • cσσкιє ŠöÜLÇHILÐ(authenticallyxplicit),
  • Boogie Wonder-Hausмaηη (boogie69), or
  • Šassy Hausмaηη  Boa  (sassy.lexenstar).

II. Center Ground

Like Anaconda, Center Ground also bolsters a dance club that offers an array of DJ’s and hosts.  Yet, while Center Ground has a Moderate rating, the atmosphere offered is a combination of romanticism and environmental-conscious realism.  Much like RL, Center Ground offers a community filled with an array of stores, as well as art galleries and coffee shops.  In fact, the realistic nature of the SIM offers neatly-paved streets, as well as brick-made buildings that convey a loft-like feel very similar to buildings featured in cities like Chicago, Illinois and Boston, Massachusetts.

center ground rental_018This is no coincidence, since Luchenpur Darwin resides in Chicago, Illinois in RL.  In fact, Center Ground encompasses a vision that he, along with four other friends, developed while employed on SL’s Etiopia SIM.  Like Center Ground, the Etiopia SIM is one of SL’s premier sustainable living sims.  Yet what makes Center Ground so unique is not only its realistic layout, but its layered environmentally-focused history.  Tatia Andel (one of the four Center Ground Founders) for instance, specifically designed various habitats and displays at Center Ground as a way to inform SL Community members of issues related to RL climate change, not to mention the importance of growing RL local produce, and on the importance of relying on closely-monitored water and land conservation efforts as a means to insure a cleaner and better environment for everyone.

center ground suzy_001If that does not floor the average environmentally conscious person, then perhaps a look at some of the businesses that rent space at Center Ground will.  Suzy Stillwater’s Suzy Bakery for instance, creates simple but tasty mesh cakes for celebrations, birthdays and rez days.  This, along with mini-galleries like MarieDK’s MD Creations and Divine Crescendo’s ART of Love, not to mention an array of clothing stores for patrons, offer an atmosphere filled with warmth and fun loving entertainment.

Surrounding scenery aside, Center Ground also offers affordable land parcel opportunities.  Ranging in prices from $35L to $100L a week, renting a land parcel at Center Ground can prove to be a very favorable deal.  Share Genesis, Center Ground’s Chief Builder says, “Renters can use the club for private events or even use the common areas to entertain guests…although we’ve not had anyone book the club during off hours yet….”

In addition to being able to rent out the club for private events, those who rent a land parcel at Center Ground can be afforded up to 200 extra prims or more.  Share explains: “…the brown apartments on the hill allow for 100 to 120 prim a week, but Luchenpur negotiates with the renters if they want more prims…and we offer a low prim sky box for the purpose of privacy if clients ask for it…”

Luch and Share 3_7_16 II
Share Genesis (Left) and Luchenpur Darwin (Right)

Luchenpur Darwin and Share Genesis work together to insure the rental properties are up to par for an array of prospective renters.  In addition to land parcel opportunities, Center Ground offers rental space for businesses…all as a means of creating a diverse community.  Luchenpur states:  “The expansions into Arts and Culture, a thriving business district, and sustainable living apartments insure a continued life for the Center Ground group. Center Ground is still thriving, thanks to the contributions of Share Genesis Chief Builder; Judilynn India curator and owner of ‘The Art Cafe’,  and Acuminous Watanabe, who holds a successful weekly Mars/Venus live stream  discussion group “Digital Alchemy” here…”

If you are interested in becoming a Center Ground tenant, please feel free to click on the following link:  Center Ground – Phoenix Prime.  Also, prospective tenants are welcomed to contact either Luchenpur Darwin or Share Genesis inworld.

NOTE:  For your convenience, The SL Parade has attached links that provide more information about this valuable SIM.  Please feel free to click the two links that are available here: Center Ground’s Retail and Gallery Store Line Up and Center Ground’s History, as told by Luchenpur Darwin.

III.  Club Lion at Egret Key

Club Lion LogoClub Lion offers the SL community land parcels that fully embrace a seaside atmosphere.  Nestled on a lush, green island that overlooks a vast ocean, the Club Lion community at Egret Key fully embraces the individuals who choose to live there.  Nita Wunderlich, owner and proprietor of Club Lion says, “most people love to live here 🙂 its calm…nice view….entertainment..culture stuff…and a simowner that cares about the renters…”

club lion nitaBecause Nita is talented in so many ways, she not only has a Club venue that brings in live entertainment, but she also owns a vibrant RL photography-based art gallery.  Her varied talents, in and of itself offers a plethora of opportunity for those that choose to live on this sim.  For instance, Nita’s eye for detail has created a landscaped SIM that is not only breathtaking in its beauty, but also conveys privacy and harmony to prospective renters.  She explains, “I created a harmonic place so people can live without stress…all in a nice atmosphere, complete with a nice landscape, but I also can create and put out additional decorations as a means of pleasing potential renters…all because I believe in having an eye on everything…I want to make living at Egret Key enjoyable and easy, and I also want community members to feel free to come by Club Lion and catch a live performance!”

Because the parcels available offer tenants the option to independently landscape the terrain, Club Lion offers more prims per parcel.  In fact, Nita currently has the following parcels available:

1 x 2048 SQM – 468 prims, 550 LD$ week (Lakeview)

club lion egret key1 x 2048 SQM – 468 prims, 550 LD$ week (Oceanview)

1 x 2048 SQM – 468 prims, 550 LD$ week (Oceanview)

The average prim rate available at Egret Key is 468 prims; at $550L per week, it is fair to say that acquiring a land parcel at Egret Key is very advantageous to the average SL Land connoisseur.  This, compounded with having the option to merge parcels together to fully utilize the prims offered, make living at Egret Key not only affordable, but flexible as well.
center ground suzy_003
Ricardo Avalira, owner of Touch of Nature Photography specializes in nature-themed photography not only in SL, but in RL too….
Besides these perks, Nita Wunderlich also offers a hosts of other amenities to those that decide to rent from her.  She explains, “Tenants are welcomed to take a look at the two great galleries housed on the Egret Key SIM!  One gallery features the work of Mash Rhode, who specializes in water painting; the other gallery showcases the work of my partner Ricardo Avalira, who specializes in RL photography…and both are nestled close to the club….”
Wunderlich continues:  “I also encourage all Egret Key residents to visit our movie theater…it features great music videos and movies, but you must be able to see media in sl in order to take full advantage of it…”
center ground suzy_004
Besides Club Lion, Nita Wunderlich also owns Pizzeria Le Lion; this offers a more intimate setting to not only the greater SL community, but to Egret Key Parcel owners….

In addition to having access to great photo galleries, not to mention a live performance club, terraforming rights, and a free movie theater, Nita Wunderlich also affords modest flexibility when it comes to tier payment.  She explains, “I give tenants the option to either pay their tier weekly or monthly at our rental office located up in the sky…”

If interested in learning more about land parcel rentals available at Egret Key, please feel free to contact either Nita Wunderlich or Ricardo Avalira.

IV. Land Parcel Opportunities Abound!

With an array of great land parcel opportunities available, The SL Parade encourages readers to pay the SIMs listed a visit.  We also encourage readers to visit the SL Marketplace’s Real Estate section and view other land parcel opportunities.  But most importantly, we encourage all readers to duly think over the choices available, and to do so by keeping suggestions featured in our SL Land Rentals: What To Look For Before Calling A Parcel Home in mind as you peruse the plethora of choices available!

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