SL Destinations Guide: Prim River National Forest

                                                                                  ~By Kamille Kamala~

Prim River 5There are many destinations in all of Second Life, but Prim River National Forest is one of the most outstanding places to take your online vacation. Any one of you nature lovers that want to explore during his or her spare time should definitely check out this virtual gem.

According to Prim River National Forest’s ever resourceful Exploration Guide their SIM is “Set amongst the beautiful Prim River Range you will find the perfect setting to get away from all the noise and focus on personal family time, bonding and make some quality family memories. So treat yourself and your loved ones to a memorable vacation or maybe even make this your new home. Furnished/Unfurnished camping, RV spots, cabins and luxury vacation homes to fit all budgets. We will work with you to make sure your time here fits your family’s needs.”

This guide also has landmarks to all of the amenities provided by their establishment.

When you land, hit the Forest Lodge. Here you will find the check – in desk and a small store. There are all types of supplies such as; water bottles, cots, and more. Leading from the lodge you can choose to go to the Gaming Lodge across from it or follow one of three paths. One of the paths goes straight to the Fire Watch Tower that has a zip-line and hang gliders. You can also take path two which goes to some hidden caves. Or, you can opt for renting a campsite.

Renting a campsite is a lot of fun. It is suggested that you turn your sun to midnight to enjoy the Northern Light scene in the sky or you can sit around the campfire and watch the pristine waters twinkle in the night. Watching the waters as they move just might lull you to sleep in one of the camping tents provided.

Prim River 1If you are not into roughing it, you can also rent a house or even a log cabin of your choice. There are some beautiful homes for rent as a vacation home for just for a short amount of time. They all have ample amount of prims to allow for most decorating styles. And, don’t forget to set up your home orb. Yes, each rental including the campsites come with security orbs and Management is very willing to get you and your family all set up to be safe and secure, allowing you that needed privacy.

South of the river,  “you will find a bull riding, a horse rezzer, horseshoe game, cave entrance with Krafties Hunting and Bumper Boats. Go east along the river and you will find 7seas Fishing, scuba diving, swimming beach, kayaks rides a large cave to explore, hot air balloon rides and riding trails. Be sure to stop and look for the local wildlife and cuddle/poseball for some great photo opportunities. (located near the trails and hot-air balloon ride).” And, before you go take advantage of the Motorsport Park that is only accessible by Landmark.

In summation, this National Park would get the highest rating of five stars by you and your family after experiencing it. Our family rented a campsite for two weeks and we have taken advantage of just about all that was offered. So, pack up your camping gear and get on over to the Prim River National Forest. You will be glad you did.

For your convenience, Kamille Kamala has provided a slide show as a way for you to learn more about this wonderful SIM.  If you are interested in visiting Prim River National Forest, please click on this link:
Prim River National Forest

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