Kamille Kamala Urges YOU To Get Your Portal Park On!

PaleoQuest Sign~By Kamille Kamala~

You haven’t lived in Second Life if you have not visited the Portal Park destination; take a look at this location by clicking on the following link here: Portal Park, SL. This place has more than what you would have bargained for and it has extra fun things to do, too…perhaps more than you have time to do them (smiles). Nonetheless, it is my very strong suggestion that you pay this awesome place a visit!

PaleoQuest Monorail, courtesy of Kamille Kamala
PaleoQuest Monorail, courtesy of Kamille Kamala

To start your Portal Park journey, you first have to take a taxi.  Once you take the taxi to Portal Park, you will land right smack in the middle of all of the gateways that will lead you to hours of fun. For the sake of brevity, we will focus on two of the seven entryways. However, I will name all of them and give you some thoughts on each.

  1. Winter Wonderland – At this stop there are fun rides of all types. There is a ferris wheel and even a sleigh ride that will take at least four minutes to complete. It goes up and down all sorts of snowy pathways and hills. This snowy adventure is icy, beautiful, and unique.
  1. Grid Hunt – Sorry guys, but this virtual gateway is unavailable to me due to the fact that I am not a premium member. If any of you actually get in please send me a photo shot or two.
  1. Linden Realms – This is another NO go for me. I wont be able to show you any shots of this one, but like the Grid Hunt I did get a shot of the port-way.
  1. Gnome Village – This one is really cute especially for the kids. It has these little tiny homes with even tinier wee folk planted strategically throughout their town. They are slightly animated, but are kind of considered a bust when it comes to the other ports that are chocked full of fun.
  1. Social Area – This one had a beautiful house in it along with two dinosaurs who were snacking on a deer together. There were some other seating areas inside and outside of the abode. If you want to somewhere to sit and relax this is the right place to be.
  1. The Cornfield – This place is creepy beyond measure. It has a graveyard area that I keep being teleported to because I am unable to kill the monsters of all types in the field. They have some mutated hairless creatures who are so malformed it is hard to make our their limbs. They even have a purpe-lish blob who has a knack for creeping up on me and sending me right back to the graveyard. I do love it that once you go through this portal and accept the terms and conditions, right away you are equipped with a board to kill them with and a basket is placed on your back for the corn you gather. Overall, I severely suck at this game.
  1. PaleoQuest – Last, but by far nowhere near the least is the PaleoQuest. One day, I will go to this sim and conquer these quests! But, not today. The first one is the easiest. You have to find the mask that is hidden in a dino nest and take it back to the Egyptian tomb spirit who rewards you with something. I do not know exactly what because again, I never achieved the goal. Sighs. The second quest seems easy enough in theory. All you have to do is find the Nessie’s gold tooth, but don’t fall into the toxic water like I did, you will be teleported back to the beginning and all progress will be erased. Our third and last quest for the day was to find the key, then the chest and open it for a prize. My daughter found the key, but she also lost it again, so this one was a fail as well. Even though I went to this place for journalistic purposes, I still enjoyed myself. I took some great photos too. So, sit back and relax. Enjoy these colorful slides presented. Toodles![Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”19″ gal_title=”Sis Kamilles Portal destination”]

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