Victory For All At The Black Tie Affair!

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ReRe Sandalwood (left) and Treasure Xstar (right) recently planned The Black Tie Affair in honor of victims of Domestic Violence…

Yesterday, on Friday, April 1, 2016, three women showed the power of unity and perseverance by jointly presenting a Black Tie Affair dedicated to the victims of domestic violence.

DJ Bangz relaxes as she plays a cool combination of Neo-Soul and R&B...
DJ Bangz relaxes with a patron as she plays a cool combination of Neo-Soul and R&B…

This Black-Tie Affair happened at 6 PM SLT, and featured the joint efforts of Treasure Xstar, ReRe Sandalwood, and Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe. ƊJ ƁαηgƵ SαηɗαƖƜσσɗ (jeeneflo.carter) offered up her DJ expertise, playing a collective mix of neo-soul with a splash of music that encouraged all to get our groove on on the dance floor, while Kamille Kamala created the original flier that advertised this powerful and piognant gala.

Featuring a formal black and white setting, The Black Tie Affair was not only presented by a collective mix of women, but was also sponsored by their companies and nonprofits.  Treasure Xstar is the owner and proprietor of Brooklyn Co., while Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe fulfills duo roles as both owner and Domestic Violence Advocate at The Care and Hope Center.  Also, as many SL Parade readers know, ReRe Sandalwood is the online publication’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, while Sandalwood’s sister, Kamille Kamala gracefully runs the Lyrical Cafe, while simutaneously writing for The SL Parade and for Windlight Magazine. To learn more about Kamille Kamala’s involvement in the latter, please click onto the following link:  Windlight Magazine Introduces Kamille Kamala.

Also, please take a look at the slideshow below to get a better idea of who helped in making this event a success:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”20″ gal_title=”companies that sponsored DV Tie”]

Although The Black Tie Affair for Domestic Violence was originally created to pay homage to victims, the creation of this event offers a bittersweet story.  To better explain, Treasure Xstar and ReRe Sandalwood were originally line sisters affiliated with a local, SL-based Sorority.  Unfortunately, the sorority decided to abruptly sever the line, leaving the plans Xstar and Sandalwood already made for the Black Tie Affair for Domestic Violence in limbo.  While both ladies were frustrated with this outcome, both mutually decided to not only have this event anyway, but to have it on a yearly basis to commemorate the victims of Domestic Violence, as well as to reflect on their joint struggles during the pledging process (specifically as created by the intentionally unnamed sorority in question).

domestic violence 28Though the event’s location had to be changed at the last minute, Xstar, Sandalwood, and Mickalobe were able to create an atmosphere of sharing, dancing, and reflective fun.  Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe states, ” I always say…you never know the battles people are in in their real lives….So tread lightly with others.”

This statement is not only applicable to RL Domestic Violence victims, but to those in SL and beyond who are victims of cyberbullying, harassment, and emotional abuse. In light of this realization, Treasure Xstar, as well as Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe and ReRe Sandalwood, kindly request that all donations be sent to your local community shelters and domestic violence organizations.

Treasure Xstar was also kind enough to create a list of accredited websites that offer more information about domestic violence:

Treasure Xstar poses with her grandparents, Mrs. Cara W Glenfadden and Mr. Devlin Glenfadden
Treasure Xstar poses with her grandparents, Mrs. Cara W Glenfadden and Mr. Devlin Glenfadden

In addition to providing this information to patrons who attended the Black Tie Affair to Honor Domestic Violence Victims, Treasure Xstar’s Brooklyn Co. was also kind enough to pass out Domestic Violence ribbons and purple teddy bears to commemorate this gala occasion.  In addition, Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe gave out prizes to those that got a 90 percent or better on The Domestic Violence Quizzes that were passed.  Prizes included gift cards from TROMPE LOEIL , as well as from Damselfly, and Truth.  Mickalobe also gave out a rare Gacha home that was created by SOY as a prize.

Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe looks on as she awards patrons who completed The Domestic Violence Quiz...
Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe looks on as she awards patrons who completed The Domestic Violence Quiz…

ReRe Sandalwood’s nonprofit, The SL Parade provided dance balls, as well as champagne for all patrons.

In addition to planning a yearly Black Tie Affair as tribute to Domestic Violence victims, Sandalwood and Xstar are also planning an Old School Hip Hop Party.  The SL Parade, as well as ReRe Sandalwood and Treasure Xstar will be offering more information about the upcoming Old School Hip Hop Party event in a few days time.

Treasure Xstar and ReRe Sandalwood would like to thank everyone who supported, as well as participated in, this year’s Black Tie Affair Gala.  As a token of their appreciation, The SL Parade has agreed to publish all photos taken at this event!  Take a look:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”21″ gal_title=”Black tie Affair”]

Author: ReRe Sandalwood

Single mom of one child in Real Life. In Second Life, I function as the Editor-In-Chief of The SL Parade, where I regularly write about all things RL and SL. I also own land inworld, and have created a space designed to encourage comfort and relaxation.

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