Club Lion Celebrates 8 Years!

club lion eight_001 - Copy (2)“The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time  . . . in other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack….” ~Doreen Virtue

The significance of the number 8 does not escape The SL Parade, nor does it escape Club Lion!

club lion dancer damn_009 - Copy - CopyOffering a celebration of an SL Lifetime, Club Lion gave a party to end all parties…all as a way to honor their 8 year Anniversary.  Pulling no stops, Nita Wunderlich provided an all-star ensemble of live performers that not only complimented one another in voice and scope, but also offered sincerity and humor while performing.  Shaye Denzo-Jonstone, for instance, sung a collection of cover songs ranging from the works of Fleetwood Mac to The Eagles.  Interjecting an inviting warmness, Shaye Denzo-Jonstone literally captivated the Club Lion audience with a voice that could make even the hardest person joyfully reflect on all that is good about Club Lion.

Prior to Shay Denzo-Jonstone’s performance, Ricardo Avalira performed.  Relying on a voice that is clear and crisp, Ricardo Avalira not only offered Club Lion patrons a strong undercurrent of romanticism in his performance; he also interjected some gleeful elements of humor that had all patrons in attendance in stitches. One song Ricardo Avalira sung was “I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore;” to better explain, here are a few lyrics from this hilariously funny song:

club lion dancer damn_002 - Copy (2)Well, my body could use a little slimming, I keep my shirt on when I go swimming,
and I ain’t seen my feet since 1984.
The old lady wants a roll in the hay, we turn the lights down all the way
’cause I don’t look good naked anymore.
No, I don’t look good naked anymore.
I’m a deep-fried, double-wide version of the man I was before.
If I keep on like I’m doin’, I won’t fit through the door!
And I don’t look good naked anymore…

Other performers (including DJ’s) featured, in the order in which they appeared were listed on Club Lion’s 8 Year Anniversary flier; to get a better idea of who performed, please take a look:

club lion 8

Nita Wunderlich:  “I worked my ass off…”

Club Lion’s 8 Year Anniversary Celebration was, according to Nita Wunderlich, more than a party.  She explains, “I know the patrons love the work I do here at Club Lion, but sometimes the work gets to be a little too much…” As a reflection of her resiliency however, Wunderlich says that despite the laborious hard work, running Club Lion is more than worth the effort.  She continues, “If I had the money, I would do a 24 hours show today!  In the midst of laughter, Nita explains, “…but that already costs me 16 k….and all the while, many think this is simply a nice party…”

club lion dancer damn_019 - Copy - CopyYet unbeknownst to Nita Wunderlich, there are a hosts of patrons who recognize Club Lion’s resiliency and worth.  яσσ яσσ ™ Hυηтєя (rockinroo) for instance, immediately noticed the warm and welcoming atmosphere inherent at Club Lion.  яσσ яσσ ™ Hυηтєя (rockinroo) explains, “This is my first time here, but honestly everyone seems very nice and very welcoming, which is a nice compare to other clubs!”

Warmth is rare in SL but, according to CatherineGriffin Resident, “8 years…its not very easy; its a very hard job to manage all the people and to offer them a place where you can listen to them, too… because as a patron, the only thing you can really say is how much respect you have for the singers and the manager…and see how they are all able to successfully manage rl and sl together…not to mention, Club Lion is a beautiful place to relax….”

club lion dancer damn_007 - Copy (2)

Dressed in a beautifully tailored orange dress, CatherineGriffin Resident adds, “I have been an occasional patron of Club Lion due to rl, but I think its now been about three month I think…”

club lion dancer damn_013 - Copy (2)Yet along with first time and occasional patrons, there were a hosts of big SL names present at this awesome event.  ღ SƲNNƖЄ ღ  (sono.redgrave), who works at Showtime Magazine, a magazine that, according to her SL profile page, ” was created by numerous people in the entertainment industry to promote various activities around Second Life and more!”

When asked about the number one thing she liked about Club Lion, ღ SƲNNƖЄ ღ  (sono.redgrave) said, “This is my first visit to Club Lion…so I have little to time form a favorite thing as yet.  But I can say the decor is lovely:)!”

With a lovely decor, great singers and a wonderfully humorous time, Club Lion reminds everyone that like the number 8, the venue represents all that is good in the SL universe!

club lion dancer damn_008 - Copy (2)

If you are interested in paying Club Lion a visit, please click on the following link:  Club Lion, Egret Key.

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