May 6, 2016 Lab Chat A Huge Success

lab chat epi twoA slew of SL community members came with questions, and a hosts of Lindens and other Linden Lab employees answered them.

Sitting in black chairs that looked like new car tires, SL Community members came to the Lab Chat with questions, comments and concerns about Linden Labs new, up and coming Sansar conversion.  Scheduled to be generally available to SL community members later this year, this conversion, known as Project Sansar, is meant to make creating in Second Life a bit easier for those that have limited technical skills and resources.  In fact, according to Linden Labs’ press release entitled, “Linden Lab Invites First Virtual Experience Creators to Project Sansar Testing,” Project Sansar can be easily defined as follows:

“…Project Sansar will empower people to easily create, share, and monetize their own multi-user, interactive virtual experiences, without requiring engineering resources. The platform will enable professional-level quality and performance with exceptional visual fidelity, 3D audio, and physics simulation. Experiences created with Project Sansar will be optimized for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, but also accessible via PCs and (at consumer launch) mobile devices. Users can explore and socialize within Project Sansar experiences through advanced expressive avatars, using text and voice chat (“Linden Labs Invites First Virtual Experience Creators to Project Sansar Testing” Press Release).”

lab chat twoQuestions surrounding the Project Sansar release included, but were not limited to, the keeping of current avatar names and identities, as well as the kind of currency that would be used in the event  the current linden currency would be replaced.

Questions also centered around rather there would be more tier and land privileges available for Premium members, and also if SL community members would be able to retain their current inventory items if they decide to participate in Project Sansar.

Yet, although the bulk of these questions were informally answered, there is still fear and confusion centering around Project Sansar.  ωĨℓℓøω Ⓒøℓđşмίţん-єαşイøη (willoweaston), said it best when she said, “I only have a basic understanding [of Project Sansar], as my fear of losing all my stuff by moving over has left me with my head in the sand about it all :)” Nonetheless ωĨℓℓøω Ⓒøℓđşмίţん-єαşイøη (willoweaston) is very hopeful about this project, more so because Linden Labs appears to be very transparent about their upcoming Project Sansar plans.  She explains, “…they also have a website with a video of the past chats so people who cannot make it can still see it…their website is”

Pete Linden was one of many Lindens in attendance...
Pete Linden was one of many Lindens in attendance…

If you would like to take a look at the Lab Chat that took place on May 6, 2016; please feel free to visit the website.  Also, Lab Chat has meetings once a month, and the SL Parade encourages all SL Community members to attend.



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