DJ B Smooth Turns The Party Out At the Maduro Lounge!

bro bryson_001Man, this party was so good, I had to do a write up about it…

Everyone who was everyone was at DJ B Smooth’s “Digging the Crates” party on Wednesday.   Hosted by Chantel Satine, the Maduro Lounge got so crowded, avis were bumping into each other!  While we were bumping, DJ B Smooth was playing tracks by the Gap Band, Mary J. Blige, and Jesse Johnson.

bro bryson_002
C H A η T E L ღ S A T I η E (chantelsatine) acts as the Host at Manduro Lounge…behind her, you can see DJ B Smooth, as well as a patron beside her…

Be mindful that DJ B Smooth not only owns Ground Level Radio, which offers a 24 hour stream of music, he also DJ’s and owns the Maduro Lounge.  If you would like to listen to Ground Level Radio, please click on the following link:  Ground Level Radio (

The Maduro Lounge offers a “Pulling out the Crates” party every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm SLT to 8:00 pm SLT.  Yet despite this weekly based schedule, DJ B Smooth often presents something special to the SL Community whenever he DJ’s.  This is because DJ B Smooth offers a personalized approach to his DJ endeavors by not only calling out names of patrons, but by lending in-depth compliments to everyone in attendance.  Yet, as if that isn’t enough, the music itself brings forth a sense of warmth and nostalgia, too.  All this and more creates a venue, not to mention a Wednesday, that is unique and fun.

bro bryson_008
BEING BUGATTI (myasia.gans) acts as a Public Relations Representative and Promoter of Manduro Lounge…

One of the most memorable (and nostalgic) things that happened at this Wednesday’s venue was the playing of Lionel Richie…an artist that is rarely heard, it was a refreshing twist to an already stellar night. Then DJ B Smooth turned around and played Johnny Mathis’ “Misty”!  I must say, when that song came on, everyone was shocked.  Yet, when DJ B Smooth said, “Drops the Mic;” I think we could all agree that dropping the mic would merely lead to one of us clamoring for it, begging for another track to be played.

bro bryson_004
Salem Bigboots enjoys the Manduro Lounge’s Ambience while his dance partner dances alongside him…

In response to this revelation, DJ B Smooth simply states, ” I play through my music what I feel at times…”

With that being said, if you need to release some angst, or if you simply want to hang out, dance and listen to some great music, be sure to pay Maduro Lounge a visit.  The music, along with the atmosphere itself is not only elegant, but impassioned and deeply personal.

If you want to pay a visit to Maduro Lounge, please click on the attached link:  Maduro Lounge, Business District Echo.

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