To Mom: A Poem By ƛԼЄƇ-Ɗƛ ƊƠƝ-ƧƛƁƖƝ (revelatians)


This morning feels so lonely
It’s been ten years to the day
Since you left my life
and still it cuts like a knife

All of my life you were my best friend
Never taken for granted the times we shared
Feels like a storm is brewing ahead
Pouring like the rain are these tears I shed

Thought I heard your voice yesterday
Thought I had seen a familiar face
Lord knows the pain I feel inside
Haunted each night by the void in this empty space
One that can never be filled
A mothers love can never be replaced

As I stare at the sky
I scream to the heavens god tell me why
How can I mend this broken heart of mines
All I do is pray for a sign


No use explaining the moment is gone
When I look in the mirror I’ve done nothing wrong
I need to realize it’s time to move on
Need to show you your lessons are not in vain
Need to show you the strength that you gave

Now I stare at that sky
One last question as clouds past by
No need to answer so don’t make a sounds
Inside i’ll feel it , Have I made you proud.


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