Intimacy At Its Best: Morgan’s Coffee Place

morgans cafe_011Sometimes, the very things that make up a community are the most simplest and underestimated.

This is the case with Morgan’s Coffee Place, an intimate coffee house nestled within SL’s mainland.  Located at Madhupak, Morgan’s Coffee Place is intimately close to the Care and Hope Center, an inworld domestic violence center that offers classes, as well as support to inworld domestic violence victims.

morgans cafe_002Like the Care and Hope Center, Morgan’s Coffee Place is an extension of the support featured at the Center to the SL Community. When a patron walks into the Cafe, for instance, there is a bulletin board to the left, and an intimate photo section to the right.  The bulletin board is filled with resources and ads, similar to a bulletin board that you would find at a local, RL coffee house.  In fact, Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, owner of Morgan’s Coffee Place, will gladly post any fliers, etc. that are designed to offer assistance to the SL community.

In terms of the intimate photo section, the most noticeable thing about it is that it is shaped like a heart.  Within this heart are a compilation of photos of Mickalobe, as well as her modeling colleagues, and her husband.  Yet, there are also some empty frames within the heart, too.  The empty ones may prove quite intriguing to those who wish to include their photo on the wall…in this case, if you are interested in having your pictured featured, please be sure to contact Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, too.

morgans cafe_007While it is easy to become both enamored and sad about the, heart-shaped photo collage featured at Morgan’s Coffee, it is worth noting that this collage is merely a shadow of what is available at this shop.  The smallness of the place creates a rather quaint feeling; this quaintness makes it a bit easier for the SL patron to relax, as well as hold an intimate conversation with a friend…all while enjoying a cup of coffee or earl tea.  And though none of us really, truly eat inworld, what Morgan’s Coffee offers is intimacy that can nourish the soul.

According to Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe’s (pictured below) Facebook page, she created Morgan’s Coffee for the following reasons:

I created a small little coffee/cookie shop on the Mainland (right up the street from my Care and Hope Center). If you have some time to spare and want to relax and have a cup of coffee, please stop by!  To my model friends, please feel free to use this shop and also my tiny apartment located upstairs for your blog posts/flickr. You are always welcome!

morgan beachSo, not only is Morgan’s Coffee a great place to relax, it is also a comfortable place to take pictures and to simply be your creative best.

If you are searching for an alternative to the SL club scene, The SL Parade strongly suggest you pay Morgan’s Coffee a visit!  To learn more about Morgan’s Coffee, please be sure to contact Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe inworld or via Facebook.

morgans cafe_006
Yes, Morgan’s Coffee has chocolate chip cookies :)!


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