Hope and Care Center Will Hold Love Addiction Workshop

tee-shirt-love-drugThe Hope and Care Center will be having an informal discussion about Love Addiction on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 5 PM SLT.  Though the landmark will be privately given to those interested in attending, this discussion is open to all SL residents and community members.

love addictonLove addiction, according to www.loveaddictiontreatment.com, consist of having an insatiable craving for the euphoric feelings brought forth by falling in love with another person.  the article continues:

“For those prone to love addiction, however, the loss of that initial euphoria is akin to the crash that drug addicts feel when their drug of choice wears off. They crave the “high” and begin the search for another fix. Love addicts are no different, which is why they often go from one relationship to the next once the initial high wears off…”

If you would like to learn more about love addiction, The SL Parade suggest to not only attend this important discussion, but to take a look at the video featured the Center for Healthy Sex website.  We also suggest taking the quiz that follows the video, and offer the Love Addiction discussion as a safe haven to discuss your results.  To do both, please click on the following link:  Center for Healthy Sex Video and Quiz.

In keeping with this upcoming discussion, The SL Parade also offers a YouTube video by Raheem DaVaughn.  This video highlights his song “Love Drug,” but also offers a lyrical perspective on what love addiction entails:

The “Love Drug” song is Raheem DeVaughn’s “Love Behind The Melody” Album, which was released January 2008…

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