NYC Comes to SL: A Look at Brooklyn.Co.’s New Cosmetics Line

brookly co_001OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα (treasure.xstar) believes that in business, one hand washes the other.  Thus, in the midst of creating, as well as promoting, her new Brooklyn.Co. cosmetic line, the first thing Manola always does is acknowledge those that have inspired her newest creation.

She explains, “I got inspired by my friend Mellani Narie Sanchez to create this line…while we were brainstorming about what to create next, Mellani said, ‘Why don’t you make a makeup line, and begin by creating lipstick?”

Eager to make this suggestion a vivid reality, OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα (treasure.xstar) began to research current makeup trends. However, in the midst of her research, she realized something:  she was literally living in the midst of trending fashion!

OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα looks to her Brooklyn, NY roots for fashion-related inspiration….

Manola hails from RL Brooklyn, NY…a city that is often seen by many as an international-based fashion mecca.  This idea is reiterated by Mrs Spicey Creole (creolespice.popstar), who keenly asserts, “NYC is a mecca for fashion immigrants…most of their fashions are from out the country…”

In this sense, the essence of NYC and the neighborhoods surrounding it further fuels Manola’s cosmetic-based inspiration. Manola explains, “New York City is, in and of itself, a fashion statement!  We have access to an array of products, but we put our own flair on it to create something different…”

Relying on colors that are not only bold, but also encompass dark and lip gloss-based hues, OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα (treasure.xstar) further creates a product that is surprising and unique.  In addition to being inspired by Brooklyn, NY, Manola explains that she also became inspired by Blac Chyna’s Lashed cosmetics line. In fact, Blac Chyna’s cosmetics line is another reason why Manola relies on RL inspiration as a way to fuel her SL creative endeavors.  Yearning to think outside the box, Manola craves to inspire creativity not only within herself, but within her SL surroundings. Manola continues, “…everyone in SL seems to be doing the same thing…many opt to wearing the same thing with booty shorts and heels, and this makes it very hard to change a style when it is already built within SL…it is even harder because many of us rely on SL-templates to create fashion, so I wanted to explore creating lipstick because you can do so much creatively with it…”

To better understand Manola’s RL inspiration, please take a look at the slideshow below…notice how similar her style is to RL, and how this similarity enables her to stand apart from her SL peers…

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”25″ gal_title=”Brooklyn.Co”]

Besides turning to RL makeup lines like Blac Chyna’s Lashed, Manola also turns to her inworld colleagues for support.  They keenly evaluate her products before she releases them to the public; yet, she explains that two of many creators she turns to are Nellani Marie Sanchez and Serenity Ranks.  Like Manola, Ranks and Nellani Marie Sanchez both work in the SL Fashion industry.  Both function not only as Manola’s cheer leader, but offer an array of brainstorming-based ideas.

Besides being inspired by Blac Chyna’s Lashed line and by her personal team of mentors, Manola also says her inspiration comes from the MAC cosmetic line.  She says, “MAC makeup is a strong influence…they offer so many bold, dark and new colors…even lip gloss based color…there are so many different varieties to choose from…”

To choose a lipstick of your liking, please stop by the inworld Brooklyn.Co. store located on the Froien SIM!  To pay Brooklyn.Co. a visit, please click here:  Brooklyn.Co. at Froien.

Brooklyn.Co. also has a Second Life Marketplace page, so please be sure to check out their merchandise here:  Brooklyn.Co. Second Life Marketplace page.

An RL look at one of the many looks that have inspired OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα's Brooklyn.Co....
…one of many lipstick designs that have inspired OƖινια Ƒяєєвαηɗ MαησƖα’s Brooklyn.Co….

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