SL Homes: A Look At Some Of The Best!

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~By The SL Parade’s Own Jayceb U. Sparrowhawk~

In my search for a home, I came across multiple vendors…some definitely with a serious WOW factor. I felt the need to open the doors of these homes and reach out to as many people as possible about my experience.

I have written about these homes in order of my own personal liking.  However, in my opinion each of the vendors homes are equal and amazing in their own right. This article is meant to provide a resource for others on the grid searching for stunning homes versus sway you to which home might be better based on numbering. I genuinely feel you can’t go wrong with any of the homes from the four featured vendors.

The vendors that left me most impressed in order of my personal WOW factor were:

Snapshot _ Simply Southern Inc., Clawton (108, 192, 2500) - Mod1 -Simply Southern Inc. Homes. Location:  Clawton (66, 177, 2252)

In my opinion, Simply Southern Inc. Homes homes are fun, unlike any other homes I’ve came across in my 3 week long search. Southern Nightfire, the creator behind Simply Southern Inc. Homes, truly took SL homes to the next level by creating not only a home, but a unique experience…complete with man caves, hidden rooms and more. I’d best describe the experience as going on a hunt for your favorite item–or hell, for some cash. There’s definitely a sense of excitement that pumps adrenaline as I headed to the next room of the home wondering what I’d find next.

Not only did her homes leave an impression, Southern’s customer service is yet another aspect of a superior experience. Southern Nightfire even TP’d in while I was looking around her sim, and asked me if I needed help.  She then took me on a tour.

Yet, before starting the tour, Nightfire was sure to ask me two questions: 1- price range and 2 – what is it that I am looking for in a home. After arming Southern Nightfire with the details, she lined up 3 homes varying in the price, 1 on the much lower end of my price range, another very close to my range and one about 4K over my price range.

Snapshot _ Simply Southern Inc., Clawton (108, 192, 2500) - M 3Overall, the communication with Southern Nightfire was great. She walked me through each home, pointing out features that best fit–as well as exceeded my desires.  In addition, Southern Nightfire made useful suggestions in terms of designing my daughter’s room. In fact, I’ve contacted Nightfire several times following our initial interaction, and each time she is almost immediately responsive…an attribute that is appealing because it gives a customer instant gratification. I also appreciate how tolerable the lag is on the sim, because I was able to move around with ease.

Simply Southern Inc. Homes also offers custom homes – 50% up front and the remaining balance at the time of completion.  Another nice perk offered–in terms of customs–is a 10% profit to her customer’s for each home that is sold, that is of course, if you’re okay with your home not being an exclusive on solely for you, allowing your custom home to be sold.

Rockwelle bellarose_0012 –B E L L A R O S E   F U R N I T U R E   &   H O M E S (91, 122, 21)

Bella Bertone homes are a very close second for me. The textures of B E L L A R O S E   F U R N I T U R E   &   H O M E S are impeccable, in fact, so much so I was captivated and lead into lack of discipline when I purchased the stunning Albany along with the garage apartment disregarding prim limitation, leaving us in a stunning, yet partially furnished home.

bellarose 3Since I can’t have my family in a partially furnished home, I began my quest to find a home that would address my family and I’s need for quality, as well as our prim needs.  Though the homes sold by Bella Bertone made my quest challenging and some what frustrating, it made me frustrated and challenged in a great way.  This was because finding a home that equaled the homes sold by Bella Bertone’s flawlessly designed homes wasn’t an easy task.

In terms of customer service, I was pleased. Bella was friendly, helpful, polite, and professional. The turn around time for a response was very reasonable, just a couple of hours after reaching out before my concern was thoroughly addressed.  I also appreciate that the lag on the sim was tolerable.

Keep in mind that the cost of  B E L L A R O S E   F U R N I T U R E   &   H O M E S vary, tend to be reasonably priced from $3500L to $18000L.

Bella Bertone doesn’t offer custom work due to time constraints, however – I suggest checking in anyhow for a custom; never know if anything might change with the designer’s schedule.

MP_GREYSTONE_Mansion3 –REDGRAVE Homes & Interior Location:  Greenwich  (104, 86, 23)

When I walk into REDGRAVE Homes & Interior, there is a fine aesthetic appeal to the place that seems to instantly apprehend the eyes – that is, spectacular eye candy as far as homes go.

I purchased the gorgeous DEL MAR Farmhouse and it gives off a nice Spanish feel. I have a fond appreciation for well ventilated homes, too and this home is pleasing in that regard.  It has a stylish, airy feel, and it looks great. Quite honestly, my need to upgrade only existed because my family grew.

redgrave mp2If you are looking for a home for a couple or a nice single person home, this incredible Spanish style home might just be what you’re looking for.

In terms of customer service, REDGRAVE creator Dean Ashby is professional, conscience, and–overall–helpful. Response time however, was average; Dean Ashby tends to get back with clients by the following morning, which is what I mean by “average.”

Yet despite the average customer service, REDGRAVE is without doubt the leader in terms of lower cost for quality homes. The price tags on REDGRAVE Homes & Interior homes vary from $1500 to 5000 Linden, which is appealing to those on a budget.

Screenshot (118)4 – La Galleria Prefab Houses Location:  Cotta, LaGalleria Prefab Homes
     Marketplace store:

Another vendor I visited was La Galleria Prefab Houses. My experience is lacking in comparison to my experience with the other vendors, therefore my thoughts on La Galleria Prefab Houses will be much more vague.  I checked out the Santa Cruz House by Pamela Galli. This home would be precisely the home I would’ve purchased had I visited La Galleria Prefab Houses before leaving the 50% deposit for a custom built home. Texture are very good, the house is airy, spacious, with a comfy feel.  I recommend viewing the new version homes like the Santa Cruz, the Topanga Canyon house and  PALM BEACH BUNGALOW.

Screenshot (129)ReRe Sandalwood, Founding Editor-In-Chief of The SL Parade, has a very amicable, business-based friendship with La Galleria Prefab Houses creator Pamela Galli. Having purchased a total of four homes and an array of furniture that decorates The SL Parade’s Headquarters, Sandalwood describes her La Galleria purchases as wonderful investments.  “I like her products…” Sandalwood says, “…because there is a lot of attention to detail.  From the fountains, to the floors, and even the extra accessories that come along with the homes purchased, La Galleria is a wonderful product to buy.  Plus, Pamela Galli has great customer service, with a response time of less than 30 minutes!”

Besides the great customer service, Sandalwood cannot stress the other benefits of making a La Galleria purchase.  She says, “Pamela does a great job of personalizing her service to the needs of her customers.  She enables you to change the textures in your new home if you want, and even gives you the rights to make it bigger if you want…”

Screenshot (131)In Conclusion…

As I mentioned earlier, whatever your home needs might be, I found some great homes at each of the vendors sims listed in this article. In the meantime, I hope this article helps you find a vendor that offers everything you’re looking for in a home.

Have a great time in your house hunt!

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