The Hope and Care Center Wants You To Meet Their New Educator, Aeianna!

Aeianna is The Care and Hope Center's Newly Hired Educator! Here, Aeianna enjoys a beautiful day at the beach...
Aeianna is The Care and Hope Center’s Newly Hired Educator! Here, Aeianna enjoys a beautiful day at the beach…

Though loyalty can easily be drawn in the sand, unconditional faith and commitment is often etched in stone.

In fact, it is this kind of commitment that has been seemingly found within Aeianna…the newest Educator at The Care and Hope Center!  A devout RL Domestic Violence Advocate, Aeianna has already dedicated her first life to helping others.  She explains, “I am an advocate for individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and /or childhood sexual abuse.  This includes crisis intervention, counseling, and also prevention education.”

And…while others look to Second Life as a kind escape from their First Lives, it is easy to discern that Aeianna looks to Second Life as a way to expand upon her Real Life role of helping others.  When Aeianna was asked what motivated her to align herself with The Care and Hope Center, she tells The SL Parade, “I have been watching the work of the Care and Hope Center, via notices and even attending some of the discussions for the better part of a year now.  I felt that Morgan [Owner of The Care and Hope Center] had a very strong sense of what she felt that she wanted to achieve, and the message she wanted to share.  I was impressed by her determination, and felt that with my professional knowledge and skill set that I could help her take her message to the next level in a way that could be beneficial to second life residents.”

aeianna 2
Photo courtesy of Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe, Hope and Care Center Owner

One of many ways Aeianna has taken The Hope and Care Center to the next level is by previously hosting a “Love Addiction” class.  On her Facebook page, Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe describes Aeianna’s class as being wonderful, and adds: “Aeianna, our new educator, was super fantastic! The class was informative and created a lot of discussion. Thank you to all that attended! Our new class topic will be announced shortly…”

Like Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe is in awe by Aeianna’s talent, Aeianna is also intrigued by Morgan’s commitment to spreading the word about Domestic Abuse and Violence.  Aeianna explains, “From the moment I met Morgan, I knew we would be fast friends.  I believe that she has the passion and commitment to see herself through bringing the message into SL that violence against individuals is unacceptable.  Personally I plan to bolster her efforts and hope to bring awareness of the issues of cyber abuse, that it is a real thing, and needs to be talked about.  I hope to help get that discussion some momentum both within SL and across other social media outlets.”

Educator EffectivenessAnd while Aeianna’s Care and Hope Center title is that of an Educator, she contends that there is more to the title than meets the eye.  Aeianna says, “My title at Care and Hope is that of ‘Educator,’ but really what I do is host open discussions that are meant to get the conversation started about IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) with my focus being the types of violence that can be spread and felt through virtual forums, like Second Life and various social media. So things such as cyber bullying and emotional abuse within relationships tend to be my primary focus not only in SL but in RL, too.”

Yet one of the most intriguing things that The SL Parade has uncovered is that the person behind Aeianna has been inworld for almost 9 years, and that she plans to use what she has learned in SL during that time to better assist The Care and Hope Center!  Aeianna reiterates this realization by saying, “I have nearly 9 years in SL (This is not my first avi); over that time I have done many things…I have managed sims, been a builder, been a model, ran a modeling agency, been an auctioneer for bunnies and meeroos…I’ve done a number of things across my SL and the most useful experience will be my ability to talk with and connect to individuals…”

The SL Parade looks forward to seeing Aeianna flourish in her Educator position at The Care and Hope Center!  To learn more about upcoming classes that will be held at The Care and Hope Center, please contact Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe or Aeianna inworld!  They can also be reached via Facebook by clicking on the following links:  Morgan Whitfield Mickalobe and Aeianna.

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