Your Dream Awaits at Wedding Belles…

Wedding Belles Advertisement May2016~by The SL Parade’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, ReRe Sandalwood~

Love allows a person to feel weightless and euphoric, but what if there is a place in SL that allows you to explore and cement the very feeling you get when you fall in love? Well, perched high in the sky…on the Water Dragon (81, 123, 3002) SIM, there is a place, and that place is called Wedding Belles!

Playing upon βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe) first name, Wedding Belles is definitely a  venue designed to appeal to the lover in you.  Yet, Wedding Belles not only aims to appeal to one’s inner lover, it also aims to appeal to couples so deeply entwined and committed to one another, that they want to become SL Partners.

belle and beloved
βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe), along with co-owner Ťђαηє-Đraιмan-ℭøɾνίηυຮ (andycorvinus) are not only business partners, but life long SL companions….

βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe), along with co-owner Ťђαηє-Đraιмan-ℭøɾνίηυຮ (andycorvinus) and Senior Manager αmєrícα kíng (america2000), have jointly aligned in an effort to provide a venue that not only represents love, togetherness and commitment, but represents it in such a way that conveys style and elegance–all in a setting of your choosing. All of these attributes and services offered at Wedding Belles greatly contributes to effective relationship building not only between a couple, but also with those who own and work at the Wedding Belles venue.

βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe)  has previously contributed articles to The SL Parade, and to see βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe) flourish in a business of her own is not only breath-taking, but humbling….

I.  Wedding Belles Senior Manager αmєrícα kíng Explains What She Loves About Wedding Belles…

When asked what was her favorite thing about working at Wedding Belles, Wedding Belles Senior Manager αmєrícα kíng told The SL Parade that she loves working with her best friend, βeℓℓε ‘Łσνє Hυnní’ ℭøɾνίηυຮ (bbwbabe) on something they mutually believe in. She explains, “I like that Belle, whose been my bestie for almost 5 years now, and I get to work together on yet another venture.  We are both romantics at heart so this is a win-win for us…”

With a lush office that features beautiful waterfalls and seats that allows customers to seamlessly float in the air, it is easy to see that romance abounds.  αmєrícα kíng adds, “…from the time you land in a venue, it [Wedding Belles and their featured venue choices] will transform you…” Cracking a gentle smile, αmєrícα kíng (america2000) continues:  “…if you’re not a romantic before you land, you will be weeping and looking for a husband or wife afterwards…”

In addition to being Senior Manager at Wedding Belles, αmєrícα kíng (america2000) has previously written for The SL Parade.  While we know that she is an extremely busy person, we are looking forward to publishing more articles from this deeply talented and gifted person.

AmericabusinesscardII.Wedding Belles Belief That All Customers Are Family…

Wedding Belles not only aims to satisfactorily serve their customers, they also readily embrace them as family!  To better explain how Wedding Belles embraces their clients as family, The SL Parade urges its readers to take a look at the Wedding Belles website.  For instance, the Wedding Belles website states the following:

“Weddings are truly a magical day, filled with so much love and happiness. Our Brides and Grooms become part of our family at Wedding Belles…”

As a reflection of their belief, Wedding Belles also offers newly wedded couples a spot on their web page. In a format that reflects both fairy tale and fonder, a newly wedded couple’s journey is told to all who visit the site.  This, along with the personalized service, make Wedding Belles a very unique wedding venue.

In addition to featuring happy, newly wedded couples on their Wedding Belles website, Wedding Belles offers an array of wedding themes for betrothed couples to choose from.  From traditional to unconventional, Wedding Belles offers wedding dreams on a beautiful platter, and will especially tailor a theme to a couple’s liking in the event their preexisting wedding themes are not enough.  Please take a look at the slide show to learn more about what Wedding Belles has to offer….

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”26″ gal_title=”Wedding belles”]

With beauty and options galore…all of which are right at a couple’s fingertips, Wedding Belles makes it incredibly easy for a couple to fall in love all over again. For this reason and more, look to Wedding Belles for your wedding day nuptials!

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