Jayceb Sparrowhawk: Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse?



Technology definitely has served us well and I have a strong appreciation for it — however, it has also offered a disservice to us.

I was thinking about the days of railroad worker, speakeasy employed, bootleggers, viking, settlers, shit brothel pleasures and of course hunter-gatherers. Regardless of industry; in there was distant, specifically in terms of communication. No wonder why relationships held together on such a long term basis back then. Absence of physically presence became beguiling and appreciation for communication, physical, emotional, and mental presences in the lapse no longer vapid, instead capturing passion of the times….

Yet with the pleasures that have come along with technology, so has more physical and mental harm come to our children. Children’s eyes are wide open and embracing technology gadgets like Chromebooks, Androids, tablets, iphone, Xbox, TV, etc.; in turn, technological items like these and more are clouding the minds of our children, either outside of basic hygiene or without purpose. Our children can barely wake-up in the morning to pee without having the mind set to dive head first into some kind of technology. In turn, this mentality can cause them to become impatient, suffer from all kinds of anxiety, and other stress felt “technology.”  Technology has not only become our children’s God, it has become the God of the worldwide masses. Consequently, we can not enjoy the outside world without some kind of technological gadget in hand..

technology-gadgetsEven more damaging is the illusion that there is some kind of dire importance in possessing the latest technological gadget(s). That being said, it is definitely debatable as to whether being up on the latest technology is indeed of some importance.  Yes, in times of emergencies we may very well need technology that can immediately assist us in crises, and that is definitely great. The mass people one can touch, if needed with a touch of a button is surely serviceable, especially on the larger life saving scale it’s no denying technology has advanced us, it has saved lives and I for one will always respect it on the larger scale..

My concern is related to us zombies, not engaged with the greater good…

For instance, Pokemon go is now the definition of why we are even mobile in the first place. Forgetting the value of movement for our health and our mind, we are instead interested in getting Jiggly Puff, Pikachu and Eevee.

Shoot, forget about good health and any stimulation to our cores….our communication sucks and our relationships with one another are weakened, too. Vocal laughs have now been substituted for textual acronyms like LOL, LMAO, LMBO, HAHAHA. In turn, we have become victims of misunderstood engagements and half thought out responses.

Consequently, we are missing a genuine opportunity to get to know each other…even those close to us are wrapped in a technological box of deciphering meanings in communication versus the ensuing passion of the vocal, feeling or physical presence. Where is the indispensable essence of heart? Today it feels like technology is the beating heart of the majority…

Technology–either the sweetest dream and a beautiful nightmare…

Nonetheless, my question is this:  Can humanity help itself get back to the essence of passion, feeling, communication…presence? I say, “Yes we can!” We can definitely unplug and disengage ourselves from technology, even if it is an occasional disengagement. It is possible to go back to the railroad worker, speakeasy employed, bootleggers, viking, settlers, shit brothel pleasures, and of course hunter-gatherers state of mind.

Please take a look at the slide show below to learn more about technology-related drawbacks:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”28″ gal_title=”technology”]

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