FogBounds: Embracing The Blues One Patron At A Time

rere-out-halloween_009The thing about the blues is that you can feel it…the rawness, the grittiness and funk intrinsic in it.  Yet, to really feel the blues, one must be surrounded by an atmosphere that truly embraces it in all its candor and earthiness.  Thus, if you are looking for a venue that encompasses all things related to blues, The SL Parade suggests FogBound Blues.

Located at Blue Moon Bay (, FogBounds is a steamy hole in the wall, laid out with wooden floors and encased in brick walls.  As a testimony to the blues genre’s greatness, these brick walls are freshly decorated with pictures of blues legends like Muddy Waters and BB King.  In fact, it is the décor as well as the DJ’s, that create an atmosphere that is not only erotic and sexy, but earthy and vibrant as well.

rere-out-halloween_008Almost as if you could smell the liquor and the sweaty bodies that crowd the venue, the patrons that frequent FogBounds are as diverse as the blues artists that are regularly showcased on the venue’s brick walls.  In fact, individuals from as far as Brazil, Australia and the United Kingdom come to pay homage to the blues by not only dancing, but by closely interacting with one another in fellowship.  In fact, FogBound patrons not only embrace the vibrancy of the blues via individualized dance, but are also welcomed to dance in sync in front of the FogBounds stage.  This, in turn establishes an atmosphere of comfort and fun that is accessible to all.

rere-out-halloween_010For those that would prefer to not be front and center on the FogBound’s dancefloor, FogBounds also offers patrons an opportunity to live out their blues-based fantasies by letting them freely play the various instruments available on stage…that is, if a patron can conveniently—and swiftly—move out of DJ Panther Amorosi’s pet panther Kit-Kat, you may even have a chance to either sing front and center or play the guitar.

In terms of the DJ’s, many who spin at FogBounds have a firm appreciation of the genre.  Panther Amorosi, for instance has been djing at FogBounds for over four years, and, upon reflecting on the significance of the blues, she agrees that it not only reflects an emotional mindset, but a state of being, too.  Amorosi continues, “Many people at one time or another have been blue…it is a human emotion and the blues [genre] reflects that…”

Left of ReRe Sandalwood, is DJ Panther Amorosi, one of many FogBound DJ’s that cater to the SL clientele that frequent the venue…

To have such a deep understanding of the genre shows just how seriously FogBound DJs like Panther Amorosi take the blues genre.  After all, they often rely on a hosts of catalog selections…collections that go as far back as the 1900’s and that also reflect a myriad of blues history.  With the musical contributions of performers like Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey and John Lee Hooker, DJs like Panther Amorosi can conveniently argue that they do more than spin records…they also provide an educational backdrop to a genre that has acted as the root of a host of other music genres like Rock & Roll and even country music.

Blowing the dust off of blues records and educating the public aside, FogBounds offers the SL community a unique and comfortable spot on the grid for those that appreciate the true emotional depth intrinsic in blues. Let the love of the genre envelop you, and pay a visit to this awesome venue as soon as you can.


To learn more about the Blues, The SL Parade’s own Nikki Jones suggests visiting the following websites:

The Robert Jones Blues Foundation:

Blues Road Trip at


Also, take a look at the FogBound’s slideshow…all in celebration of Halloween!

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