Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping: A Rose Just As Sweet

ric-at-nursery_004~Announcing the Grand Opening of Clear Creek Nursery & Landscaping Services~
Sunday, November 20th @ 1pm slt

Located at Egret Key (137, 93, 21), Clear Creak Nursery and Landscaping provides the SL Community with a firsthand look at what Ricardo Avalira can mold and create on anyone’s land.  An RL landscaper and photographer, Avalira relies on this experience to bring an element of realism and beauty to his inworld landscaping business.  In fact, when asked what motivated him to open an inworld landscaping business, Avalira explains, “I love to create, simple as that. I also love the process of starting with an empty piece of land and turning it into a thing of beauty that people can enjoy while doing their shopping…”

ricardo-nursery-textureAnd create Avalira does.  With a discerning eye to detail, Avalira wants his customers to experience the beauty intrinsic in his landscaping talent, and has opened a sim that showcases his talent for all SL community members to see.  This is an especially unique thing, because while many landscapers can conveniently show their clientele pictures of their work, Avalira brings his work directly to his customers, and encourages all to use his land as a place for spiritual growth and meditation.  He explains, “I’m not here just to sell nursery items. My vision is to create a place where people can come and enjoy all the sounds of nature while shopping. I’ve intentionally created my pathways to take people on a journey through my nursery. You never know what’s around the next corner…”

He continues, “I encourage people to come by and just sit and relax. I have a Meditation Gazebo near a pond where people can sit and listen to the sounds of water and many other sounds of nature…”

This openness, as well as Clear Creek’s welcoming atmosphere…is one of many staples related to Avalira’s unique business venue.  Along with allowing customers a firsthand look at the landscaping services offered at Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping, Alvalira also offers first-rate customer service. This customer service is what also makes Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping a refreshing business within an SL world…especially in cases where customer service is often rated the least important attribute intrinsic in an sl business.

ric-at-nursery_008Alvalira explains, “Customer service is important to me. I try to be there to help my visitors as much as I can. I get offline IM’s and try to respond as quickly as possible…”

Besides customer service, Alvalira is also open to incorporating contemporary sl trends in his nursery.  Right now, one of the biggest creations on the SL grid is the mesh items readily available in various SL stores, including Marketplace.  Mesh merchandise is not only intrinsic in sl clothing, but also in furniture and landscaping related merchandise.  Thus, Alvalira has no problem incorporating mesh merchandise in his landscaping, as well as in his Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping business.  He contends, “I have offered many mesh items in the past but now I’ve expanded my mesh items selection. Flowers are a huge part of my nursery. They fill the whole nursery with color. Eventually I hope to replace my sculpty items with mesh as well….and, as you know, I also offer landscaping services….”

ric-at-nursery_007Creating his first nursery about five years ago, Alvalira set his sights on raising the bar as it relates to SL landscaping early on.  He tells The SL Parade, “No, I’ve had my nursery on several different sims through the years. At one time, I had my own sim and used 80 percent for my nursery…”

And while 80 percent is an unprecedented amount, Alvalira does not solely take the credit for himself.  When asked who has played an instrumental role in his business besides himself, Alvalira says, “I would have to say my partner Nita(Wunderlich)…she has always supported me with my nurseries and offered many ideas that really helped in my decisions…”

And with Nita’s Club Lion business right across the stream from her beloved’s, it is no wonder why she can be viewed as such a wonderful support to Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping. Yet, the best way to see how both businesses flourish is by paying Clear Creek Nursery and Landscaping a visit, not to mention by supporting its upcoming Grand Opening on Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 1 PM SLT.


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